Duracell iPhone Inductive Charger Feeds Your Device

Charging iPhone without a cable is everyone’s dream since a long time and looks like Duracell iPhone inductive charger can help us to make our dreams real. And even more, that already happened. The company that has been producing reliable power supplies for years and now they are ready to enter the insanely popular and competitive market of iPhone accessories.

The fame of the company ensures the production of high quality Duracell batteries and chargers, and now the manufacturer intends to enlist the support of the Apple smartphone users. 24 Hour Power System serves as an instrument of gaining new popularity. It should recharge the Apple mobile phones.

Wireless contact charging or inductive charging is used for implementing this process – all you need is to put the mobile device to a special panel. Interestingly, the charging supports multiple phones simultaneously.

24 Hour Power System iPhone inductive charger by Duracell includes a mat, which transfers energy – that’s exactly the place you need to put your iPhone on. However, it must first be placed in a special case. It has a connection to the supply terminal of mobile devices, and also provides damage protection.

There’s also a possibility for owner to use a compact portable battery – it is called the Portable Backup Battery, and its charger is made on the Powermat. The accumulator has two battery charging connectors – standard and microUSB.

This fact makes the device versatile and it can recharge almost any smartphone – it’s very convenient that the charging can be performed in all circumstances, and such a battery is sure to be popular among people who are to leave the house for a long time.

The inductive charger for iPhone by Duracell can be obtained right now at their official site. The price is $100 and it can be definitely worth the money if you are a fan of this kind of future-tech.

Do you think the 24 Hour Power System is the breakthrough in the way people charge their devices or it will be just another not very useful accessory? Leave your comments in the box below.