iPhone 5 Back Panel Video Review

Few days ago internet was posts showing iPhone 5 back panel video. Whether we like it or not Apple seems to be really determined with  the new iPhone design. Like two years ago, this case raises so many questions among all of us. However not all of them pleasant. Let’s meet a little closer with what we will soon be dreaming about.


Following the pictures parts, which many of us now feel free to call a back cover of the new iPhone, there was a good video where the body has not yet been released. The device is twisted, twirled, and compared to the fourth generation iPhone.

The first thing that catches your eye – a strange color of the metal. It’s not purely black – rather a mix between a dark-gray and khaki. The size of parts is like repeating the rumors about a 4-inch display in the new product. The thickness of the parts favorably differs from the current generation of Apple’s smartphones – in fact, it is equal to the thickness of the iPhone 4/4S rim. That’s a very pleasing fact in its way. SIM-card slot has also decreased in size. Headphone jack, as previously reported, has moved down. Besides the jack there is a mini-port connector and a new hole for the speaker with a microphone that looks rough, and cut asymmetrically. The new dock connector is reported to be 19-pin instead of bigger one that is used in all Apple’s portable devices right now.

iPhone 5 Back Panel Video:

What can we learn from this iPhone 5 back panel mockup video? First of all, don’t forget that it’s still only a mockup and we don’t have any official information from Apple concerning iPhone 5 details or design. Second, if this is what the next iPhone will look like then there are some really serious changes concerning device’s shape, size and building materials. It’s the first time since the first iPhone launch back in 2007 that Apple decided to seriously increase device’s screen size. Probably, that’s a market demand.

What are your thoughts about this back panel video? Is this real or someone just made this up basing on earlier iPhone 5 speculations and rumors? Tell us in the comment section below.

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