What is the Fastest Charging Phone in the World?

While a lot of Apple customers might want to believe that the fastest charging phone in the world is iPhone 6, this isn’t so. The Cupertino-based company indeed produces popular and pretty expensive smartphones and experience high demand from consumers from all over the globe, however Apple cannot boast the fastest charging device.

Users experience iPhone 6 charging problem as well as issues on earlier models running iOS 8.4 and the latest iOS 8.4.1 that was released earlier in August. The company is about to introduce a new lineup of phones but it is not included in the list of the handsets with the fastest charging battery.

According to reports, Android gadgets that are often low-budget models often charge faster than the iPhone. Apple iDevice is one of the slowest charging smartphones no matter how popular it is and how high iPhone sales are in China, U.S. and Europe.

Tom’s Guide source tested different smartphones and can assure you that iPhone 6 isn’t charged too fast. It is the slow charging gadget that costs over $600. At the same time, $199 and $299 models that are running Android platform and produced but different brands are charging way faster.

For example, Asus ZenFone 2 device can charge to 17% in just 5 minutes, reach 32% in 15 minutes and get to 53% in half an hour. Samsung Galaxy S6 gets similar results and can also reach 53% capacity in 30 minutes. iPhone 6 can get 6% in 5 minutes, 20% in 15 minutes and about 36% in half an hear.

Fastest Charging Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S6 can be fully charges from 5% beginning level in 1 hour and 22 minutes. Apple iPhone 6 requires about 2 hours and 35 minutes to reach 100%. It also has a smaller battery as Apple offers only 1,810 mAh battery compared to the 2,550 mAh battery included in Galaxy S6 model.