Check If Your UDID Number Was Leaked When AntiSec Hacked FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has stated that there was no evidence that hackers from AntiSec could get from employee’s laptop codes to identify the 12 million iOS personal data of their respective owners and that iPad and iPhone UDID hack was a fake. Office has declared that they does not see any connection between its employees and the leak of the information.

On Monday, the hackers group AntiSec said that they had unique codes for more than 1 million Apple units. According to the hackers, the notebook of an FBI agent named Christopher K. Sienglom kept in a total of 12 million UDID of iOS devices, as well as user names, addresses, phone numbers, and registration data and the data used for tracking users of smartphones and tablets.

Laptop of the FBI agent was attacked by hackers who used AtomicReferenceArray exploit vulnerabilities in Java. The vulnerability allowed hackers to download files from the desktop to the laptop.

In the AntiSec report says that the FBI certainly use Apple UDID in their nefarious purposes and spy on people. They (hackers) have always believed that the hardware coded identifiers – this is a bad idea. They should be banned from the devices of the future. How and why intelligence agency produced this information from the files in the special agent’s laptop they could not understand.

Later, an expert in information security from Danish Center for Strategic and International Studies, CSIS Security, Peter Kruse wrote in Twitter that the leak actually occurred and that it was not a fake information. He found UDID of his own devices among the published data.

Johannes Ullrich from the SANS Internet Storm Center said the agency reporters that there was no other evidence regarding published files from the FBI. Apple does not comment on statements by hackers as well. Update: Here is Apple’s respond on this situation with hacked personal data by AntiSec. Also it is still unknown what 12 million UDID accounts do in FBI data base and where FBI agents obtained this info.

Well there is one way to find out if it is true or not. First you need to get UDID number of your device and then use the following link to check if your Apple UDID was hacked and is in the database of AntiSec and then decide if it is fake information or not.

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