Get UDID From iPhone or iPad Quick and Easy Without iTunes [How to]

With iOS 6 beta release many iUsers try to install it on iDevice and test apps but many of you may face with a problem how to get UDID from iOS device. But don’t worry because if you have this problem I show you how to do that using two methods.

First method requires iTunes and UDID registration/activation before loading up new iOS version and this method is very simple so I showed it first. But if you didn’t activate it before iOS loading you should get UDID without iTunes using System Profiler. You can find System Profiler located on your Mac by default and get UDID from iPhone or iPad or iPad Touch quick and easy.

get udid without itunes

Also you can use UDIDead bundle and install any iOS on your device without UDID registration and Apple developer account which is an easy method to perform. UDIDead tool frees you from need to obtain the official iOS developer account by simply adding a custom bundle from redsn0w.

How to Get UDID from iPhone Using iTunes

Step 1. Connect your iDevice to Mac and launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically and wait till iTunes detects your gadget.

Step 2. After iTunes detects your device click on it in the left sidebar.

Step 3. Find Serial Number in the middle of the iTune’s Window and click on it till it alters to Identifier (UDID).

Step 4. After that just go to Edit menu located on the top of the iTune’s Window and click Copy.

get udid

And that’s it. As you see that is really quick and easy method. But what you should do if you didn’t activate it? – Try another method to find UDID without iTunes.

How to Get UDID Without iTunes

Update: Here is a video where you can see quick clip on how to find UDID number without iTunes.

Note: You can do this only on Mac because it has System Profiler integrated by default.

Step 1. Open System Profiler.

Note: You can find it in Utilities or you can just hit Spotlight and begin typing.

Step 2. In the sidebar you will find Hardware so go down to USB.

Step 3. Go to USB High Speed Bus which you can find in the top right pane. For those who have a MacBook or iMac, launch the second to locate your iPhone or iPad simply because the first is generally the iSight/FaceTime camera.

Step 4. Now just choose your gadget.

Step 5. Find the serial number in the bottom pane and that would be the UDID.

Step 6. So now just copy it and save it for your needs.

And that’s all. Now you know how to find UDID and use it, for example, for downloading iOS 6 beta use just use this link to do that for free.

I think that you have no problems with getting UDID from iOS and without iTunes so share this info to help others in this. If there are some questions use comment form below and I and my team will try to help you.

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