Learn How to Backup Your iPhone to External Drive and Save Space on Computer

You probably know how to backup iPhone using iTunes however this method requires having enough free space on your Mac computer. What can you do if there is not enough space for backup on your computer? Is there a different way of creating backup and not depend on computer storage space?

You are welcome to backup iPhone to external drive [learn how to recover iPhone photos from backup]. This way you don’t depend on your computer at all. You need to get an external hard drive and use it for backing up your iPhone via iTunes. It can be done automatically just as explained in the guide below.

Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive iTunes Mac

iPhone Backup to External Drive Instruction

Step 1. Connect your iPhone via USB to your Mac.

Step 2. You should also connect your external hard drive to Mac. It should have enough free space for backing up your iDevice. It’s best if you create a simple folder on the hard drive ‘iPhoneBackup’ or something similar.

Step 3. Type ‘Finder’ and select File – New Finder Window to launch Finder Window.

Step 4. Type ‘Command+Shift+G’ and you’ll see go to folder path where you should type:
~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/

Step 5. Choose folder that is called ‘Backup’ and make a copy [learn where iTunes stores your iPhone backup files].

Step 6. On your external drive choose your folder ‘iPhoneBackup’ and paste your ‘Backup’ folder copy into your drive folder.

Step 7. You should now rename the folder from Step 5 to ‘BackupOld’ or simply delete it.

Step 8. Type ‘Terminal’ and type:
ln -s /Volumes/MYPASSPORT/ iPhoneBackup /Backup/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync where MYPASSPORT is the name of your external drive (change the name). Click Enter and close Terminal.

Step 9. Launch iTunes.

Step 10. Find your iPhone on iTunes.

Step 11. Go to Backups menu and select This Computer – Back Up now option.

Step 12. Wait till you are backed up. The backup copy will appear on your external hard drive.

Step 13. Double check your external hard drive and make you the iPhone backup copy is there.


Does Apple Music Delete My Music Library?

Apple Music users have many questions especially if they have been just introduced to the service. Can Apple Music delete music from your hard drive or not? A lot of iPhone and Mac owners find Apple Music managing a bit confusing and are afraid the service accidentally deletes or removes libraries without letting you know.

Does Apple Music delete my music? The answer should make you smile. It does not. The service itself does not remove or delete any songs from your hard drive. Still there are reports from users who assure that Apple Music deletes your tracks and they get explanation from the ‘fruit’ company. Apple only removes files from users who had a particular Apple Music subscription so you might want to double check with the Cupertino-based giant regarding your subscription plan.

Apple Music Libraries Delete Remove iPhone Mac Facts

Users can delete Apple Music library on their own. The service can also remove some tracks to free up space however it should not delete the original files unless user agrees. The program can scan computers to find music tracks you have and match them with the streaming songs. There is no need to sync music all the time or store all the tracks locally when you wish to stream your music files on different Apple gadgets.

If you rip your purchased album to Mac you can stream it on iPhone without having to transfer since Apple Music tool can match the tracks on its own. Only albums that are not present on iTunes are uploaded to iCloud. In other words, you have two main libraries: the personal and iCloud-stored one. Apple Music only removes files that are stored in iCloud library from your secondary device and this occurs only when the program needs to free up some space. It does not delete any original files unless you permit.

Your original files should stay only where you left them. They won’t be replaced, removed or deleted by Apple Music unless you delete them personally.


How to Install iOS 9.3 through iTunes on Mac / Windows PC

iTunes iOS 9.3 install guide can be helpful to new iPhone 6s users and customers who are planning to buy iPhone SE this spring. You can use OTA-update to get the most recent version of Apple mobile firmware right from your iPhone or use direct links to update via iTunes.

We have reminded how to update to iOS 9.3 via OTA update. Now it’s time to recollect the iTunes installation options that could make the process faster and easier.

How to Install iOS 9 Direct ipsw Download Update Guide

How to Install iOS 9.3 iTunes Guide

Step 1. Create a backup version of your device and make sure your handset or tablet is supported by iOS 9.3.

Step 2. You should have the most recent version of iTunes. If you are not sure, take a look in the menu bar and Check for updates.

Step 3. Now through USB connect iDevice to computer and launch iTunes. The program will detect your phone or tablet.

Step 4. Click on your device and choose Check for Update. If the firmware update is available it will be downloaded automatically once you press Download and Update option. If it is not available or your program can’t see it – install iOS 9.3 direct links we shared earlier. Download the version of iOS for your model. If you download ipsw file through direct links you’ll have to hold Option / Shift depending on Mac / Windows you are using and point to the ipsw file.

Step 5. Update and wait till iOS 9.3 is installed on the device.

You should be now running the most recent mobile firmware iOS 9.3 and explore all the cool features Apple brought this spring.


iOS 9.3 Installation Guide for iPhone OTA Update Fans

Apple has updated its popular mobile firmware to iOS 9.3 version. iPhone and iPad users can download and install iOS 9.3 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that are supported by this new OS. The update is simple still we’ll be happy to remind you the whole iOS 9.3 installation guide. It should be useful to new users who wish to upgrade via OTA-update option.

The firmware brings new features and specs to iDevices. For example, users get the Night Shift mode, can secure their notes with Touch ID and explore other great improvements and enhancements. Everything has been tested during winter and the update arrived in the spring.

iOS 9.3 Install OTA Update iPhone Instruction

Install iOS 9.3 via OTA Update

Once again, the iOS 9.3 installation procedure is not complicated. It is fast and simple when the servers are not overloaded by a huge number of customers who are willing to install the latest version as soon as possible.

Step 1. Use iCloud or iTunes to backup your iPhone or iPad [learn where iTunes backup is stored on your computer]. This is extremely important for everyone.

Step 2. Make sure you are connected to the power source. Your iPhone shouldn’t run out of battery life during the update.

Step 3. To avoid extra charges for cellular connection you should use WiFi network instead.

Step 4. Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 5. Go to General menu and choose Software Update.

Step 6. The software will check for all available updates and you’ll be informed about iOS 9.3 update option.

Step 7. Click Download and Install.

Step 8. Wait for the download to complete. It might take about 10 minutes or last for an hour. Everything depends on how many users are trying to update at the same time with you.

Step 9. Click on Install Now to make sure iOS 9.3 will be installed on your gadget.

If you have a jailbroken devices – stay away from iOS 9.3 update because there is now working iOS 9.3 jailbreak at the moment.


Where Is My iPhone iTunes Backup Stored on My Computer?

Most iPhone and iPad users prefer to back up their smartphone / tablet once in a while. Some use iTunes to reach this goal. Great, let’s imagines you have several backup copies of your gadget but now you wish to find iPhone backup on iTunes location [here is how to recover iPhone videos from backup]. Where should you look at?

When you know the exact place where your backups are located you are free to delete, move them or extract contents from backup with third-party tools.

Locate iPhone iTunes Backup on Computer

Where Is My iTunes Backup Stored on My Mac Computer

Step 1. Launch Finder.

Step 2. Select Go option and choose Go to Folder.

Step 3. You need to type this location:

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

Step 4. Finder can open the folder with all your backups for you.

Step 5. You can now work with the iPhone backup folders.

Where iTunes Store Backup on Windows

Step1. Choose Start / Windows depending on your Windows version [here is how to delete backups from iCloud to save some space].

Step 2. Type %appdata% and click Enter and you’ll launch AppData folder.

Step 3. You can now open Apple Computer – choose MobileSync and find Backupfolder. The full location for backups on Windows machines is called \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\.

Step 4. Since you have found the correct folder you can delete backups you don’t need, browse through folders, move them etc.

Since it’s hard to identify which backup is meant for which iDevice you should launch iTunes and choose Edit – Preferences to select the Devices menu and find the list of all your gadgets with their backup dates. Knowing these dates you can figure out what backup files you have on your computer.


iPhone Bricked Can’t Restore Bug to Be Fixed

Have you heard of iPhone error 53 1970 bug? Users who tried to change the date on their iOS 9 smartphone back to 1970 found out they now own a bricked handset. Apple assures that it knows about the issue and working on the fix.

Users who report about iPhone bricked can’t restore problem decided to change the date as a joke. Some users were pranked. Others just didn’t believe they could brick their own iPhone this easy. Still there is a big amount of users who are in search for how to fix iPhone brick bug.

iPhone Bricked Error 53 Bug Fix

Apple should deliver the solution in its future software update. Right now the company is testing iOS 9.3 beta [both developers and public beta testers can now download iOS 9.3 beta 3]. Probably this iPhone firmware version will also fix ‘1970’ date bug that bricks iPhones across the world. The information is official. Apple reported about the upcoming fix through the Support website. Apple employees have a headache since last week because this was when users discovered the problem.

Once iOS 9.3 becomes public that changing of dates on iPhone should no longer result in smartphone brick. The issue will be gone. At least this is what both Apple and many users are hoping for. If you have the problem right now you might want to also contact Apple Support to get help. The ‘fruit’ giant could possibly replace your bricked phone until the problem is fixed. Just note that not all Apple stores are eager to replace your ‘1970’ bricked model with a new working one.


Turkey Gets Apple Music Service for iPhone and iPad

Apple Music countries list is growing [some users report Apple Music bugs]. The company is rolling out its music streaming service popular among iPhone and iPad users to different corners of the world. It was first introduced in the U.S. and is now available in many countries including China [where it was released in September 2015]. Now there is a new country added to the list.

Apple Music Turkey release is officially confirmed by the iPhone maker. If you visit the official local page of the company you will find out that the streaming service supports Turkey. Users are offered to pay $3 for the monthly plan if they choose it individually. Family play costs over $4 per month. The cost is 9.99 TL and 14.99 TL correspondingly.

Apple Music Turkey

It is curious that the service has become popular in the U.S. and Apple decided to merge its iTunes Radio with Apple Music offering paid service in its home country. Would the company do the same in other countries where it rolls out its music streaming option for iPhone and other devices?

Right now we only know that the company brings curated music from many Turkish bands and artists. The Music service is streaming Fazil Say, Enbe Orkestrasi and a lot of other musicians. You can listen to Theoman and Funda Arar as well.

It’s also curious that different regions near Turkey are also getting Apple Music service.


How Much iTunes Radio Costs After Merging Into Apple Music

iPhone users who enjoyed using iTunes Radio would now have to pay for it. Apple decided to merge the service into Apple Music so now all iPhone and iPad users who wish to listen to radio stations would have to pay for the monthly subscription. What is iTunes Radio cost now?

As noted by Apple, you can subscribe to Apple Music and get iTunes Radio as part of this plan at $9.99 per month. Families can pay $14.99 per month. Is there anything you can get for free these days?

iTunes Radio Paid Apple Music Subscription Plan

It seems that all iDevice users can only listen to Beats 1 radio at no cost. This is the only free service that streams music and you can get it from Apple. It’s curious that iTunes Radio was a free service for years in a row. The company introduced it in 2013 and three years later the Cupertino-based giant decided to make it a part of the subscription for Apple Music.

Users who try to listen to iTunes Radio while they have no subscription fail because the service shows an error in iTunes. There is not much you can do about it. Want to get music – pay for it. Want to get anything for free – search for alternative apps and services.

iOS 9 – 9.0.2 users are still able to jailbreak their smartphones and tablets using Pangu team. This way you can search for free music streaming apps on Cydia store or listen to music on the web. If you are already paying for Apple Music service you can continue enjoying iTunes Radio stations as well and streaming different songs without paying anything extra. You will get no ads on iTunes Radio because they are gone once it became a part of Apple Music option. Apple still doesn’t let you rewind tracks.


How to Add Computer Images as Apple TV Screensaver

Do you own the 4th gen Apple TV? This is a new production that arrived in time for Christmas and some users might wish to get some unique images as Apple TV screensaver [you can also install Watch screensaver on your Mac]. How is it possible to achieve? Is there a simple way for adding your computer images as one?

If you have incredible photos on your computer and you would like to make these photos Apple TV screen saver – follow our instruction and you’ll successfully make this happen. It’s not necessary to add photos from your family life or trips, use any beautiful images you like.

Add Computer Photos to Apple TV as Screen Saver

How to Add Photos to Apple TV Screensaver

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Select File – Home Sharing and enable this option by choosing ‘Turn On.’ You’ll have to enter Apple ID / passcode and enable Home Sharing.

Step 2 iTunes Home Sharing

Step 3. Now turn on your Apple TV 4th gen.

Step 3 Home Share Apple TV Computer

Step 4. To enable Apple TV screensaver you should select Settings on your TV and go to Accounts [learn how to change Apple TV 4 gen DNS server settings which is very fast and simple to do].

Step 5. Find Home Sharing and enter Apple ID [the same one you used when you enabled this feature on your computer through iTunes].

Step 5 Create Home Share on Apple TV

Step 6. Launch iTunes on the computer and select File – Home Sharing and choose Turn On Home Sharing. You should now see Choose Photos to Share feature. It is exactly what you need to add photos from computer as Apple TV screensaver.

Step 7. Press on Share Photos and choose the folder where the images are located on your computer.

Step 8. You can share either one image or the whole folder with photographs.

Step 9. In iTunes you should press on Apply.

Step 10. Now on your 4th gen Apple TV select Settings and go to General – Screen saver where you can choose Type – Home Sharing option.

Step 11 Add Computer Photo as Apple TV Screen Saver

Step 11. Set as Screen saver the image you wish to use. Press on Yes to confirm your decision.

Both Apple TV and iTunes on your computer have to run at the same time to complete sharing and choose your new screen saver image from PC or Mac.


Direct Carrier Billing Comes to iTunes and App Store in Russia

Direct carrier billing iTunes option is available in Germany and now comes to Russia [by the way, iTunes Connect will be closed for holidays 2015 soon]. Apple is trying to expand this service and is working in partnership with VimpelCom that can offer the option in Russia through local Beeline network.

Apple Store carrier billing Russia

If you are a fan of Apple Store carrier billing in Russia you can use the service. For example, if you are planning to purchase an app through iTunes or App Store you will see the note that you are able to use mobile phone billing if you are Beeline subscriber if you have chosen to pay by mobile. The payment information page will also inform you that you will receive verification.

Still not all Beeline customers are aware of the new possibility. The company will most likely inform all users about such an option soon.

What does direct carrier billing for App Store and iTunes offer you? Anyone who has the iPhone in Russia and subscribed to Beeline in Russia can purchase digital content right from the smartphone. Still there is no need to pay directly for your purchase because the charges are put to your wireless bill.

The same service is available in Germany. Apple is believed to use Boku company [it is based in the U.S.] in order to manage carrier billing service in both Germany and now Russia.