Finally Apple Released iOS 6.1 So Now Let's Wait for Jailbreak | Download

A few hours ago Apple released an update and you can download iOS 6.1 firmware for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The update aims to fix some errors. As we previously mentioned, iOS 6.1 is a minor software updates, innovations which are mainly concentrated in the user interface.

Key changes and iOS 6.1 features include enhanced support for LTE operators, improved search technology in Apple maps and the emergence of opportunities to book movie tickets using voice assistant Siri. iTunes Match subscribers also can download songs from the iCloud.

In this release Apple presented the improvements and bug fixes, including the following: LTE support to work with many mobile operators. iTunes Match subscribers can now download songs from the iCloud. A new button to reset the ID of advertising.

download ios 6.1 firmware

You can install the update to iOS 6.1 by going to Settings or downloading an update using direct links below.

Download iOS 6.1 Firmware Officially

For users who are waiting for the release of the public version of iOS 6.1 jailbreak I got great news. Planetbeing tweeted that hackers have begun to study the firmware and upcoming untethered jailbreak will support iOS 6.1 too.

Last post from MuscleNerd could mean that the release of a public jailbreak iOS 6.1. And it will be traditionally held on a Sunday: “Did you know that the Super Bowl will take place on Sunday? What will you do? ” – he wrote on @evad3rs group Twitter account.