Fix Cydia Error Failed to Fetch Hash Sum Mismatch on iPhone iOS 9

The iOS 9 jailbreak has a lot of issues and problems. Luckily the fixes arrive as soon as the problem occurs. Thus if you get failed to fetch Cydia error after jailbreaking iOS 9 iPhone or iPad – you can resolve the issue and continue using the popular store with tons of jailbroken tweaks just as you used to.

This guide is designed for you if you get iOS 9 failed to fetch issue while trying to launch Cydia after performing Pangu jailbreak on iOS 9 – 9.0.2 and keep seeing the same error each time the store is trying to upload. It says that it cannot fetch ‘ Hash Sum mismatch’ and this error doesn’t disappear that easy.

iOS 9 Cydia Error Failed to Fetch iPhone Fix

Cydia Error Failed to Fetch Hash Sum Mismatch Fix

Step 1. If you keep trying to launch Cydia and it doesn’t load packages and repositories, you might want to try one crazy method that seems to work for some jailbroken users.

Step 2. Users who tried to reboot and launch Cydia again couldn’t fix the jailbreaking problem. The solution can look very strange but once you perform this action – you’ll be surprised.

Step 3. The weirdest thing you can do is turn off your WiFi connection on the iPhone.

Step 4. Once WiFi is disabled you can try to connect via cellular connection. If this works you can reconnect to iPhone Hotspot or reconnect to WiFi.

Step 5. If you still get the issue but the ‘Hash Sum mismatch’ message is not displayed any more, you should simply Refresh your Cydia Sources and the problem should be gone.

The problem occurs on different phones including iPhone 6s. Successful iOS 9 jailbreak sometimes causes issues with Cydia however you can try to solve everything without problems. Do you still have problems with uploading jailbreak tweaks?