How to Fix Error 3194 in iTunes during iOS 8 iPhone Update or Restore

Users who have an iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device that connects to iTunes can get error messages once a while. Each error can be solved, and here comes error 3194 fix for all iOS 8 and other firmware users. Everything is not as difficult or bad as it might look to you at the first glance when you connect to your computer, launch iTunes and see the unpleasant message.

When do users experience error 3194 on iPhone? This iTunes problem surfaces when you are trying to update your smartphone via iTunes or use this program to restore the iDevice.

How to Fix Error 3194 in iTunes

Before we explain what you should do, let’s think why the problem appears. Maybe there are problems with iTunes which cannot connect to Apple update server.

If you are on Mac, follow this instruction to get rid of the issue.

Step 1. You can close iTunes as we should check the hosts file for ‘’ absence.

Step 2. Use Terminal and this command: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts.

Step 3. If you are asked to enter your Mac password, do so and click Enter.

Step 4. You will find your hosts file so search for ‘’ and add ‘# ’ [the symbol plus a space] at the entry’s start.

Step 5. The changes you enter have to be saved. To do this, click on Control-O.

Step 6. You can exit the editor and restart your Mac.

Step 7. Launch iTunes and update / restore your iPhone now. There should be no errors.

Error 3194 iTunes Fix for Windows and iOS 8 Firmware

Step 1. We should edit your hosts file on your computer.

Step 2. Go to Etc folder where you will find hosts file which you can edit by double tapping on it.

Step 3. If there are entries for ‘’ it is required to delete the entry.

Step 4. Save the file.

Step 5. Restart PC and try to update or restore your iOS 8 device without getting error 3194 in iTunes.