How to Fix iOS 8 iTunes 12 Sync Problems [Instruction]

When you are trying to connect your iPhone or iPad with iOS 8.2 or earlier iOS 8 version on it to your computer you might face iTunes 12 sync issues. There are a lot of complaints from Apple users who wish to solve such iTunes syncing problems on the new 2014-2015 firmware versions but fail to do so.

We’ll tell you how to fix iTunes 12 sync problems if you get such failures after iOS 8 installation or newer firmware update [we have already shared a detailed instruction on how to upgrade to iOS 8.2]. The new guide will help you bypass the syncing process without getting stuck in the middle of it.

iOS 8 iTunes Sync Problems Fix for iOS 8 – 8.2 Data and Music

Step 1. If you haven’t updated to the firmware version released in March you should install it and maybe even save SHSH blobs for iOS 8.2 iPhone or iPad. This is the first thing you can try to do in case you are not running 8.2 version yet.

Step 2. To solve iTunes problems you are also advised to update your iTunes to the most recent version on your Windows computer or Mac. You can do this through Check for Updates menu inside the program.

Step 3. Try to connect your iDevice to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 4. With iTunes launched select your Apple mobile device at the top menu and uncheck Sync option for both Automatically sync [the program will stop automatic syncing when your iDevice is connected] and WiFi [it will stop syncing when you are connected through WiFi network]. Remember to confirm your actions by selecting Apply.

Step 5. Close iTunes.

Step 6. Disconnect your mobile device and restart your computer.

Step 7. You can once again launch iTunes and connect your mobile gadget using the cable.

Step 8. Enable the syncing options for both WiFi and Automatic sync while the iDevice is connected to your computer.

Step 9. The iOS 8 – 8.2 iTunes syncing problems should be gone.