App Store Error ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ Fixed

With the iOS 8.2 public update [you can download the new firmware ipsw for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and install iOS 8.2 via iTunes] users began to get the same ‘Cannot connect to iTunes Store’ issue. It happened when users tried to log into their App Store account in order to update applications or purchase some games / apps for iDevices.

It looks like this App Store error has been fixed by now [if you happen to get error 3194 here is how to fix it]. Apple services were down for a while but the company assures that it solved the problem and all iOS 8.2 owners as well as users who are running previous versions of this firmware iOS 8.1.3 or earlier ones can finally update / upgrade / buy apps and games without issues.

How to Fix App Store Login Issue

If you had the problem while trying to use various Apple servers which included iTunes and App Stores, iTunes Connect and Mac App Store, you can now use them all without errors. All the sections as well as different pages should be loading just fine. The issue was reportedly experienced across the world.

There should be no blank pages or ‘Cannot connect to iTunes Store’ message this morning. When the problems still existed Apple got a lot of reports from users and developers and even updated its system statuses for services like iCloud Mail, iCloud Sign and Account as all of them brought issues to customers.

This time the App Store outage was explained by Apple. The company said that the problems were caused due to an internal DNS error. It took the iOS giant about 11 hours to fix the issues.