How to Fix iOS 9 Autocorrect Problems

Are you tired of iOS 9 autocorrect issues on the iPhone? All Apple mobile firmware versions like to correct your messages in a funny and sometimes unpleasant way. This is the problem with all Autocorrect functions on any smartphone or other device. If you have updated to iOS 9 you might want to tweak your platform and get better accuracy while typing a message on your handset.

The simplest method to fix iOS 9 autocorrect is to disable it. You’ll be able to type without bugs but you’ll probably type slower. Take the iPhone and launch Settings where you can go to General – Keyboard and toggle the Auto-Correction off.

You can make all contacts unique by adding correct contact names. The iOS 9 feature would use them as a reference and you’ll get less problems with spelling many names.

Fix iOS 9 Autocorrect Issues Problems iPhone

Another way to solve iOS 9 autocorrect issues is to replace the keyboard shortcuts with correct words through Settings – General menu where you can choose Keyboard and Text Replacement option. This does take time but in the end you’ll get more accurate and nice words and sentences.

iOS 9 autocorrect problems drive many people mad. Most of them are used to getting misspells because of the issues still you might want to reset iOS 9 keyboard and get rid of some spellchecks [learn how to switch keyboards on iPhone 6]. Launch Settings and go to General – Reset where you are able to Reset Keyboard Dictionary and remove modifications. This way you’ll have less weird words in the dictionary and type more accurate.

Hopefully these short methods can help you fix some or most of the iOS 9 autocorrect woes you see every day.