Fix to Messages Crash iPhone Bug Available in New iOS 8.4 Beta 4

Developers got a chance to test the new iOS 8.4 beta 4. Apple presented it soon after iOS 9 beta 1 launch. As reports state, iOS 8 Messages crash problem has been fixed in this recent update. It is available for public testers and even users who have no developer account or registered iPhone UDID.

iPhone 6 Messages crash fix has been long awaited. The problem occurred on iOS 8.3 platform but there was no permanent fix until now. Users were able to delete the buggy message and get rid of the problem but this was a temporary solution.

The issue was caused by text message with Arabic characters. It was often sent as a prank but caused much headache. Users who got it noticed that their Messages program stopped launching, iPhone kept crashing and rebooting until the buggy text was deleted using workaround instructions.

This Messages crash iPhone bug made some noise. Those users who managed to delete the problematic messages could receive it for the second time and get into the trouble again. Apple was aware of the issue and offered the permanent solution in the new iOS 8.4 beta 4.

No one knows when iOS 8.4 public release is coming. The Cupertino-based giant is now working on both iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 testing. While the iOS 9 should be unveiled in the fall – the 8.4 upgrade should be launched in the summer.

If you are not afraid of taking risks you might like to download and install iOS 8.4 beta 4 ipsw [there are a lot of links on the web already that don’t require you being registered in Apple Dev Center]. Still most users are advised to wait till this firmware becomes public and avoid updating to the beta version which can have other unknown bugs.

Hopefully the update comes in late June or early July. Are you waiting for the new firmware version release or not?