Public iOS 9 Beta 1 Release Date Will Be In June

For those who are interested in iOS 9 beta 1 release date then, in wrapping up its iOS 9 preview at WWDC, Apple announced availability for the upcoming next mobile software update.

According to recent reports iOS 9 beta 1 will be available to developers sometime after the yesterday keynote, but there’s a bit of a new twist this year.

As the situation with previous versions of OS X, Apple company says that non-developers will be able to get in on the beta festivities this year. You can sign up for Apple’s public beta testing program, and it will be launched in the vague timeframe of “July.”

For those who don’t want to upload pre-release betas and are interested in public release then Apple says that iOS 9 will be available to the public “this fall.”

iOS 9 beta 1 release date brought an overview of what we should expect from Apple’s next mobile operating system. The reports say that Apple focused less on new features and more on refinements. iOS 8 has been criticized for bugs and stability issues. And it seems that Apple plans to fix those bugs in iOS 9.

However, it doesn’t mean that we won’t see any new features. They say that Apple was working on a new Google Now-like feature that is called Proactive. This featured will make Siri smarter and more contextually-aware. It also will give users the ability to run apps side-by-side on iPad, and access to public transit information in its Maps app.

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