Siri Russian Language Support Causes Confusions and Issues

Apple presented iOS 8.3 public update a week ago. This firmware got Siri Russian language support which didn’t go smoothly just like the issues with Touch ID which you can now fix. Siri causes problems with gay questions.

Does Siri understand Russian language? Yes, it does. You can install iOS 8.3 and talk to your personal assistant in Russian. Just don’t talk about gays. Joke. The truth is one iPhone user Alex who lives in the UK shared the video how he is talking to Siri about gays leads and gets unexpected respondes from the program.

It seems that Siri Russian language issues are now only related to gays. There are no other problems with this language support or users haven’t reported any yet.

When Alex asked Siri about any gay clubs the program said it would have turned red if it could. When Alex tried to ask about gay marriage registration in his home country the personal assistant was first silent and after the man repeated his question in Russian Siri pretended it hadn’t heard it.

According to Alex who conducted this unusual experiment with Apple mobile firmware, he used to live in Russia. Then he moved to the UK and accidentally asked Siri questions it didn’t want to answer.

Would you still update to iOS 8.3? If you don’t speak Russian you should have no problems even with gays. Besides, as Apple noted it had fixed the issue. The company assures it was caused by a bug and everything should be working perfectly well now.

You can still watch the video if you’d like to:

You might not know about it, but there is Russian law that is against homosexuality and Apple could be complying to it. Who knows, maybe such strange responses weren’t a bug in the first place?