Google Chrome App Crash after Jailbreak [How to Fix Guide]

Here is a solution to iOS users who report Google Chrome app crash after jailbreak on their gadgets. This bug is not difficult to fix. You can use our instruction and resolve the problem once and forever.

The popular iOS Google Chrome browser has been recently updated. It shared new features. For example, it gave users a chance to share interesting links through iOS Messages applications. It got other gestures as well, but it also brought jailbreak bug that causes Chrome appcrash.

How to Fix Google Chrome AppCrash

What exactly happens when you install the Google Chrome browser on a jailbroken device? According to users, this program simply crashes a few moments after they launch it. Saurik has shared his view on this issue saying that Google implemented the detection logic in a wrong way. This is why the application doesn’t work properly.

When you try to open the program, it automatically believes you send usage data back to Google. This option should be turned off by default, but it has a problem if your device is jailbroken. Now it is possible to jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 using evasi0n 1.5.1. While the company is trying to find a patch that will solve the issue, you can use this Google Chrome appcrash fix instruction.

It is required to perform the steps you will find below very quickly. You can save time by not scrolling down in Settings when the one you need to change is visible. Don’t worry if your first attempt is not successful. Be patient, and take the second try till you succeed.

  1. Open the application called Google Chrome on your iDevice.
  2. Click on the Menu [it’s in the right side of your screen] and quickly tap Settings.
  3. Now find Privacy under Advanced option and tap it.
  4. Quickly click on Send Usage Data [you will see it under the Web Services].
  5. Click on Always or choose Only on Wi-Fi. Press Done. That’s it.

Hopefully you have succeeded and your web browser won’t crash any more.