iCloud Password Can Be Hacked With iDict Tool

It became possible to hack iCloud password with iDict. A hacker has pushed a tool that he claims can crack iCloud account. The tool uses an exploit, that stop most hackers from gaining access to accounts, in Apple’s security to bypass restrictions.

With the aim to stop hackers to hack iCloud passwords Apple developed multiple ways. They stop people from guessing passwords over and over again by blocking brute force iCloud passwords attacks.

The company also allows consumers verify login attempts using their mobile phone through two-factor authentication. But iDict revealed and bypassed iCloud lock. It poses as a legitimate app. And breaks accounts with obvious passwords by trying out the 500 combinations included. So if you’re an iCloud user and has a weak password, be careful as iDict would catch you.

At present time it is not proved that iDict is a working exploit, but due to Twitter and Reddit users reports the tool was tested and they found it in work as has been described.

hack iCloud password with iDic

That’s why there’s very little amount of user can keep their account in security. Before the tool tries to hack iCloud account it does need its users to know the email address tiered with the account. There is only one way to make an iCloud account more secure is to use an email address that hasn’t been shared online.

The brute force attack could destroy the entire iCloud infrastructure, especially, those with weaker passwords. This hard situation should push Apple into action.

As for current time be sure to pick strong and impossible to guess password, also two factor verification, if you don’t want to encounter any nasty surprises, as hacking iCloud password with iDict.