Should I Install iOS 9 Beta 1 or Avoid This Update?

While it is still possible to unlock iOS 9 beta there are numerous reasons to avoid iOS 9 beta upgrade right now. Apple released this update in June along with iOS 8.4 beta 4 newer version and a lot of users hurried to download new firmwares right away.

How necessary is iOS 9 beta install without UDID at the moment? Well, this operating system does have new features and options but there are still a lot of reasons why you should wait until it becomes public sometime in the fall.

Should I Install iOS 9 Beta or Not?

Learn what the main reasons are why you might like to not update to this firmare [in case you still do, here is how to downgrade iOS 9 to 8.3] and then decide what you wish to do.

Reasons not to update:

1) All betas are very buggy. There are many chances your iPhone or iPad will continue rebooting and crashing while running iOS 9 beta. This can happen with anything you are trying to do. It can happen during the phone call or while using apps, surfing the web and checking on your mail.

2) There is no jailbreak yet even though Chinese group Keen Team promises to work on iOS 9 jailbreak. You won’t have Cydia and won’t be able to get any tweaks. If you are running iOS 8.1.2 and earlier firmware version which can be easily jailbroken it is best to avoid iOS 9 update.

3) iOS 9 to 8.3 downgrade is currently possible. But Apple can quickly release iOS 8.4 and stop signing iOS 8.3 making the downgrade unavailable.

4) The new firmware is not optimized and has tons of compatibility problems because developers didn’t have time to create and update their iOS 8 apps to support iOS 9 platform.

5) In case you experience any problems Apple will not help you because there is no official iOS 9 support yet. The firmware exists only in testing version.

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