iOS 8.3 Bluetooth GPS Receiver Issues Reported by Users

The recently reported iOS 8.3 Bluetooth issues are not the first problems with this new firmware version. Apple released its update for iPhone and iPad mobile operating system last week. You can easily download iOS 8.3 for free using direct links however you are not protected from various bugs.

Firstly, users noted that they couldn’t use Touch ID in the App Store. This problem can be mostly solved with restore and Settings option update. Secondly, iOS 8.3 Bluetooth GPS receiver problem surfaced. Thirdly, a lot of iDevice owners complain about poor battery life. As you can see there are numerous problems in different areas and, as always, the new mobile firmware from the ‘fruit’ company isn’t perfect.

There is a report shared by software company ForeFlight where it mentions the issue with Bluetooth GPS receivers after iOS 8.3 installation. This is not a secret problem and it does exist for users who have these receivers. The issue mostly relates to the early GPS accessories that cannot work correctly with different mobile applications such as ForeFlight Mobile.

However, the new issue doesn’t affect all receivers. There are no problems with Stratus or Bad Elf Pro+ accessories. There are no comments from Apple at this point.

If you happen to experience Bluetooth GPS receiver issues after updating to 8.3 version you are highly advised to disconnect the accessories that stopped working. Instead, you can use the built-in GPS for now on your iPad. Keep waiting till the Cupertino-based company releases the update with the fixes to its current problems.

The ‘fruit’ giant is already working on iOS 8.4 beta as it seeded the first one to developers earlier this week. Maybe this next upgrade is designed to solve some iOS 8.3 problems and bugs. Have you had any issues followed by the new update?