iOS 8.3 Release Notes [New Features and Options You Get]

It has happened! Hooray! Apple has finally unveiled its new firmware and you are welcome to take a look at the final iOS 8.3 release notes that mention what bugs are fixed, what features are added and how this operating system has improved for iDevice users.

There are many changes you should pay attention to before you decide to update and use our iOS 8.3 install instruction for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 5G. This upgrade is the big one. Unlike iOS 8.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3 and 8.2 which were minor updates, this one brings some new features and enhances the system for mobile gadgets.

iOS 8.3 Feature List and Improvements

*Apple worked to improve performance for a number of applications which include Safari, WiFi connection, Messages app, application launch, shortcuts for keyboard, Control Center.

*The company has fixed WiFi connection / network and Bluetooth support and now you should have no issues with audio playback, talking on the phone hands-free. You should have no sudden disconnections etc.

*Messages have been improved and you get the option to filter them out, report junk messages right from the app, easily delete or forward messages and not experience group messages splitting.

*Apple worked on Family Sharing option and fixed the bugs that didn’t let family members to launch / update / download some applications.

*Landscape / portrait rotation is fixed and you can rotate from one to the other without issues no matter what you are doing.

*Enjoy CarPlay as this option gets a lot of fixes to UI, Maps and keyboard.

*There are enhancements in Accessibility mode and Enterprise.

*Apple brought over 300 new Emoji characters, changed its keyboard design.

*The company optimized iCloud Photo Library to support Photos program that is added to OS X 10.10.3 that was released along with iOS 8.3.

You can download the new firmware yourself by using our iOS 8.3 direct links and enjoy all the new improvements. We hope these release notes have helped you out a bit.

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