iOS 8.3 Spam Report Becomes Automatic on iPhone and iPad

You know that developers and public testers continue looking inside the new iOS 8.3 beta seeded by Apple. This is a long process of testing, finding and reporting bugs that the Cupertino-based company will most likely fix in the next update. The latest discovery shows the new iOS 8.3 spam report feature that becomes automatic in this firmware beta version.

The long iOS 8.3 feature list promises a lot of interesting changes in the future. We might see the public release in a week or couple of weeks from now. Apple will most likely present it before April 24 as this is the date when its Watch is officially launched.

There was iOS 8 spam filter but if it makes reporting automatic users will save much time on going through their messages. Everything will be quick and very simple.

iOS 8.3 beta Messages now show a special link titled Report Junk. It appears in your conversations if the person who sends you messages is not present in your contact list. Click on this option and the message will be deleted while Apple will get the report about spam.

Do you find this feature useful? Will it be fun to report spam in iOS 8.3 so easy? In the current iOS 8.2 and earlier firmwares you have to block numbers and emails manually. Then you should visit Apple site and report spam. The company asks users to mention date / time of the message and include a screenshot with a proof. The process is so complicated that most iPhone users decide to simply delete or block the spammer’s phone number or email address.

iOS 8.3 can help users. It currently misses some old options you are used to [for example, there is no sharing option in Twitter update] but the betas seeded are not the final version we’ll soon see. Right?