iOS 8 Baseband for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S and iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

Each Apple device has its baseband which is mostly changed after new iOS update. You can find out what iOS 8 baseband you will get after you install this most recent version of mobile operating system on your smartphone.

The new iOS 8 was officially presented to public for download on September 17. This is when the testing of this operating system has begun through devs installing it on their devices and searching for bugs which are reported to Apple. The company is fixing problems in the next beta update. The latest beta version released is beta 4, but there should be a couple of them before the firmware goes public in September.

You can learn what baseband on the iPhone with iOS 8 upgrade you get. This firmware drops support for the iPhone 4 devices. If you have the iPhone 5, 5c, 5S or 4S you can be sure that your device supports iOS 8 on your gadget and this is how your modem firmware will change.

Baseband for iOS 8 iPhone Models

The build version 12A4331d gives the following versions of modem: iPhone 4S users get baseband 5.4.01, iPhone 5S and 5c owners get baseband 3.07.01 and iPhone 5 users get baseband 7.02.03.

  • iPhone 4S – 5.4.00
  • iPhone 5 – 7.03.00
  • iPhone 5C – 3.09.01
  • iPhone 5S – 3.09.01
  • iPhone 6 – 1.00.05
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 1.00.05

Whenever you are updating your firmware version with Apple, your baseband changes unless hackers create a program that allows preserving your old baseband during upgrade. This could play role for jailbreaking. Once you change your baseband version you cannot downgrade it to previous one, so think twice when you decide to install iOS 8.

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