iOS 8 iPhone OpenSSH Root Password Change Instruction

Did you update to iOS 8 or 8.1 firmware on your iPhone or other iDevice? Have you used Pangu untether jailbreak tool by now? Are you a lucky jailbroken iOS 8 iPhone owner who knows about SemiRestore8 tool that allows restoring the smartphone without losing jailbreak? There is one more thing you must do to stay protected. It is important to change iPhone root password.

Why is your private OpenSSH root login so important? When you have to use Semi Restore or check iPhone memory you also must download and install OpenSSH and use it. But once you have OpenSSH running on your jailbroken iDevice someone might remotely access your gadget. To prevent this from happening it is advised to change the root password.

Change OpenSSH Root Password [Protection]

Don’t allow anyone accessing your Apple handset or tablet with malicious intent. Just change the root password and this is not difficult to do.

Step 1. OpenSSH root password change instruction for iPhone and iPad which is jailbroken begins with Mobile Terminal installation. You can find it on Cydia via Search option.

Step 2. Once this tool is running on your gadget you can change your root passcode.

Step 3. Open MobileTerminal application and enter “su root” [without “”]. You should now click return key and enter “alpine” [without “”] as this password is assigned by the Cupertino-based giant as default one. Now once again click on return.

Step 4. You can now enter the new password and confirm your choice. Just click on return after the first password is entered and repeat when asked by the device.

Step 5. When done you can simply close your Mobile Terminal and enjoy getting a new root password.