iOS 9.1 Public Beta Offered by Apple

iOS 9 is an improved new firmware version for Apple devices. It will be officially released on September 16. Apple is still testing the final iOS 9 GM version and at the time continues working on the next iOS 9.1 public beta version. The first one has already landed on the company’s servers and can be downloaded by developers.

The ‘fruit’ giant brings the next iOS 9 version to developers who are participating in its official program. You can get iOS 9.1 public beta download links if you are testing Apple Public Betas. This is a fun program launched in the summer 2015. It allows anyone who is interesting in finding bugs, issues and problems with the iPhone betas to download new versions ahead of the public release.

It looks like the iOS giant still has to improve its new platform. Thus it is preparing iOS 9 for official release and works on the next iOS 9.1 update that should be minor compared to iOS 8 vs. iOS 9 presentation.

The first public beta works with a huge list of emojis. It should also get some other improvements and updates. If you are eager to peer into the world of the next fall software upgrade from Apple you might want to go over to the company’s Beta site that was specifically created for public beta testers and download the firmware version.

If you want to sign up for the testing program you can do this as well. This way you’ll be able to download and test the next firmwares on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you have. Remember to report iOS 9 bugs to Apple whenever you come across the issues. It is easy to enroll and you’ll be able to update through Settings – Update feature after you have signed up and rebooted your iDevice.