iOS 9 Proactive Assistant and Smarter Siri Features

Let’s take a quick glance at the important iOS 9 features list Apple will unveil on September 9th when it holds the long-awaited iPhone 6s official introduction event. The company will make the next platform similar to iOS 8 however it will get some interesting options that are not present on the current firmware versions.

Search and Siri have been probably changed the most by the ‘fruit’ company. Apple made the whole system more intelligent thanks to the improvements added to these two iOS 9 features. They are now smarter as noticed by developers and public beta testers who are searching for bugs and test overall performance of the upcoming iOS 9 software version.

iOS 9 smarter Siri along with better Search inside the system feature has been also known as iOS 9 proactive assistant. The new term is just a method to describe the upcoming technology that makes everything simpler, faster and can be more helpful than Siri along.

Apple created the spec similar to Google Now. The Cupertino-based company’s Proactive option allows users searching within the operating system. It can also store user’s insights right into the iPhone’s behavior meaning it is better protected by Apple since no information is saved and stored on the internet.

When you start using iOS 9 Proactive option you’ll quickly notice the changes in the way you interact with Apple iPhone. Siri assistant will be able to remind you of the things you were planning to do. It should be possible to search through images asking Siri to find the correct ones you were taking earlier etc.

You’ll get more recommendations from Siri based on the time of the day and your personal preferences. All these changes are added to the iOS 9 platform and they are brought by Siri and Search [or Proactive] users should really enjoy using.

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