Siri Charge iPhone Request Will Call the Police

Do you know what happens if you ever ask Siri to charge iPhone? Sometimes you could be desperately searching for the charger because your iPhone battery is dying. Never, never, never call out for help if you are thinking about asking Siri to complete this task. Apple personal assistant has a different idea what iPhone charging is for and this is not the first confusion caused [Siri Russian language support also causes issues].

Instead of looking for chargers and helping you to extend your battery life your iOS assistant will call the police. If this happens you can only stop it within the 5 seconds. If you are late you might be in trouble for a while.

Why could it happen? It is unclear why Siri personal assistant would call the police when you give it the following command ‘charge my phone’ or ‘Siri charge iPhone 100 percent.’ What triggers the iOS helper to call and not charge – there are no explanations yet. You still can cancel the call if you are fast enough because such pranks are not fun at all.

Some experts think that this is some kind of iOS 8 bug Apple could potentially fix. Others believe this might be a hidden feature that gives an opportunity to call the police in secret and not attract attention.

Still when it comes to iOS 8 options Apple usually announces everything to users. Such a hidden feature could cause false calls and this is not what the company would be appreciated for. It’s most likely an issue in the software code that needs fix.

Anyone who wants to try and repeat this unusual experiment just needs to make sure to cancel the phone call as soon as Siri starts calling the police. You don’t want to be in trouble with law, do you? What you think about such Siri charge iPhone request problem?