iPhone 6 Specs: Next Smartphone Running iOS 7 Concept

What will Apple introduce us as the iPhone 6? Will this handset be running the new iOS 7? The latest firmware version released by the Cupertino-based company is iOS 6.1.3. How soon will the next operating system follow?

People like to ask questions about iPhone 6 release date and the A7 chip device features. It’s ok for users to be curious and try to search for all the rumors and specs of the phone that hasn’t been even produced yet. We offer you some looks at the iPhone 6 concept, possible pricing and options it might get.

iPhone 6 Features Based on Rumors

The seventh-generation smartphone might get the A7 processor and the Retina display with either 4.2 or 4.8-inch screen. There are a lot of ideas that show Apple what its customers might like to see as the new iPhones.

One of the latest ideas on iPhone 6 belongs to Bob Freking whose next handset is running iOS 7. This concept is known as Apple iPhone X. It features 4.8-inch Retina display, redesigned buttons, iSight camera [16 megapixel], metal shell and dual LED flash. Its technical specs include a quad core chip and 4GB of RAM. The designer wants to see his smartphone being able to charge wirelessly and NFC. Take a look at this video:

iPhone 6 Pricing Concept

Freking suggests the 128GB iPhone 6 or iPhone X should cost $1,199. This is pretty expensive, as for me. It will be curious to find out what the Cupertino-based giant will offer its consumers. The next handset is just around the corner, and we will surely hear some news at WWDC this year.

How will Apple innovate? What is the exact iPhone 6 release date? We don’t know the answers yet, and we are not sure whether we see iPhone 5S model in summer and 6 version in autumn 2013. We just wanted you to know the most recent rumors and ideas on the popular handset concept running next iOS 7.

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