iPhone 6s Force Touch Sensitivity Adjustments

Apple added the iPhone 6s 3D Touch sensor based on its Force Touch technology. You can learn how to adjust iPhone Force Touch sensitivity to get the wonderful multi touch options simplifying your everyday use of this device.

It is important to understand your touch-based actions. Since the sensor is very sensitive to pressue you can always trigger something you weren’t planning to awake. Learn what to do in order to make only desired actions on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus handset.

How to Use 3D Touch on iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

Step 1. Before you start practicing with the phone you are advised to adjust some settings. This way you can make iPhone 6s 3D Touch sensor understand you a little bit more.

Step 2. Take your mobile device.

Step 3. You should open Settings program where all the Force Touch adjustments can be made.

Step 4. Select General menu.

Step 5. You need to proceed to Accessibility option.

Step 6. Choose 3D Touh menu. This is where you can change your Force Touch iPhone 6s settings.

Step 7. Do you see the special slider? You can choose between Light, Medium and Firm. If you are a fan of light pressure you can select Light option. This way your 3D Touch technology will be activated when you don’t use much pressure. If you are a fan of pressure you should choose Firm. Apple is using Medium settings as default. When you are making your choice you can also test the sensitivity since Apple added such a test section right under your slider.

Step 8. Start enjoying the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s.

How much do you like this Force touch option on the smartphone? It is different from what we have on the Apple Watch and Mac machines, isn’t it?