iOS 6.0.1 Baseband Updated for iPhone Models [1.01.00]

More that an hour ago Apple released its first update for new iOS 6. Here in this post you will find out what baseband on iOS 6.0.1 iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS and how to unlock it.

New iOS version brought new features, improvements and bug fixes, you can use direct links to download iOS 6.0.1 firmware and enjoy better WiFi connection, iPhone camera fixes and many more. If you are iPhone 5 user now you have ability to use Over The Air update going to Settings => General => Software Update and click Update and Install.

If you use any software (Ultrasn0w, SAM) or hardware (Gevey SIM) unlock you better first perform iOS 6 baseband preservation method to save unlock.

But the most important question still exists. You have to know iOS 6.0.1 baseband before you find the way to unlock it using different iPhone unlocking solutions. Here below we compare iOS 6 baseband with the new version.

The first baseband we talk about is iPhone 5’s modem firmware. When you took iPhone 5 in y0ur hands for the first time you could see that its baseband is 1.00.16. Now I can confirm that Global model and GSM iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1 baseband is 1.01.00.

As talking about iPhone 4S baseband of which is 3.0.04 on iOS 6 when you update your device to 6.0.1 it may get 3.0.06 or 3.0.05. But it is not true because baseband still 3.0.04. The situation with CDMA iPhone 4 is the same. Its baseband will be 3.0.04 as well.

To know how to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 04.12.02 first you need update your device to iOS 6.0.1 and only then find the way to unlock 04.12.02 because baseband didn’t change and still the same. iPhone 4 GSM model Rev A baseband is 04.12.02.

The situation with iPhone 3GS has changed too. When your 3GS is on iOS 6 its baseband is 05.16.07. But after iOS update modem firmware of the 3GS iPhone is gonna be 05.16.08 however, I think it still be the same.

Update: Now you can unlock 05.16.08 baseband on iOS 6.1.2 running on iPhone 3GS.

Note: See update post in few minutes to complete the list.

Now when you know the modem firmware of your device you can unlock iOS 6.0.1 any baseband and any iPhone model using such unlocking solution as IMEI unlocking service.