iPhone Passcode Software Bypass Solution for Mac Users [iOS 8]

There are numerous ways how to bypass iPhone passcode on iOS 8. We’ve mentioned the free iCloud DNS bypass method that is not permanent but let’s you listen to music, watch videos and search from the lockscreen. We have also talked about expensive brute force bypass iPhone passcode IP Box that can cut off power each time it gets the wrong PIN code to save data on the device.

There is one more iPhone passcode bypass Mac tool called TransLock that is similar to the IP Box but costs less and uses your computer to figure out the passcode through USB cable. Majd Alfhaily is a developer who found his brute-force attack program that can run on Macs and find the key to your iPhone by trying all possible combinations for your PIN beginning with 0000 and up to 9999. You can see that this method supports only 4-digit passcodes. Users who protect their smartphones with longer passwords cannot use this tool.

Anyone who is afraid of being hacked this way shouldn’t panic. The tool works on jailbroken gadgets only. Besides, you can always set up a long passcode that consists of more than 4 digits to not let any IP Box or other brute-force tools to bypass your iOS 8 passcode and get your personal data.

According to dev, his TransLock needs about 14 hours to try all the possible combinations and figure out the right password. This method hasn’t become public though its creator thinks about releasing an automatic passcode passing solution to users in the future.