Users Can Bypass iPhone Passcode Lock with Black Box Method

Have you heard about iPhone unlock box? I am curious about different methods that allow users bypass iOS 7 passcode lock feature so I am always in search for new tools that can make it happen painlessly. Googling for passcode lock iPhone remove services I came across the miracle black box which looks interesting though it isn’t that popular yet.

Firstly, I found the website which doesn’t really explain how the unlock tool works. It just says that this Miracle black Box iPhone passcode unlock method supports iPad devices as well and it looks like it currently supports only iOS 7 gadgets. In other words, if you are already running iOS 8 firmware this is something to remember for possible future use, if the box gets updated and begins supporting the new Apple firmware version.

The site seems to be created by Chinese users and personally I don’t trust new sources at all. If you remember the times when Pangu jailbreak was first released not many users hurried to try it as it was something new and unknown. Well, Pangu team also comes from China and these guys showed that not all new things are scams. They released the iOS 8 jailbreak untether Pangu 8 program and this is just a great opportunity for millions of Apple fans who wished to jailbreak. Maybe the magical Black Box is also an interesting product that will develop into a good tool in the future. Right now this is just a curious tool that looks cool… but will I give it a try?

I still haven’t answered this question myself. I do remember my passcode right now and I don’t have problems with unlocking my iPhone. But what if I forget it one day? I have such days, I must be honest, when I just forget the password… and it takes me a while to recollect it. I never write down my passwords and I probably must, but I’d rather have something like this Miracle Black Box just in case, you know, I will need to remove iOS 8 passcode without restore. I’d like to keep my data on the gadget and don’t want to lose it.

What have I learned about unlock iPhone Miracle Black Box method? If you watch this video you can see how the box works. It seems to be able to read the passcode when the iOS 7 device is disabled and there is no need to guess passcodes as the box finally shows the correct one on its display.

According to developers, their iPhone passcode unlock tool doesn’t require installing any software, additional apps, tools or jailbreaking. It supports iOS 7.x.x versions, but, according to the site, you have to set contract from the first attempt because other attempts will fail [at least, this is how I understand the description].

The company says that their Black Box password remove tool simply brute forces your 4 digit passcode on the iPad or iPhone running any version of iOS 7 firmware. How does it work? You get the box, iPhone or iPad cable and attach your iDevice to the Black Box which displays the code. How long do you have to wait for the code to appear? Developers promise await time from a couple of seconds to a couple of hours. This tool shouldn’t delete your personal data and allows you getting the full access to the smartphone or tablet.

Since I never tried this box in action, you can only use it at your personal risk and better use this passcode lock iPhone remove tool only on your personal smartphone. I just wanted to let you know about this new service.

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