Check This Guide Fixing iOS 8 Passcode Bootloop After Jailbreaking

Many users when using Cydia on a jailbroken iDevice faced with fix iOS 8 Passcode bootloop after jailbreak issue. This is one biggest problem. After Cydia is installed on a jailbroken iOS 8 iDevice Passcode puts the system into a bootloop.

This issue appeared not because of  Saurik or Pangu team. At current time this iOS 8 jailbreak is launched for developers. That’s why we better advice not to take an adventure as it is still updated. But there are allot of courageous users who want to try it at time when the jailbreak has just appeared.

Follow this steps to fix iOS 8 Passcode bootloop after jailbreak thanks to iDownloadblog . Using this guide the problem is solved. But we better recommend  you to wait for Saurik’s  release with updated Cydia build. You will take a risk if you do this but it up to you to decide.

Step 1: Install Pangu iOS 8.x. Jailbreak. During the jailbreaking please escape enabling any Passcode or Touch ID.

Step 2: Open the Pangu app and then install OpenSSH

Step 3: Download This folder contains the files needed to install Cydia and also a patch for the Passcode bootloop issue.

Step 4: Connect to your iPhone via CyberDuck (Windows users can use WinSCP)

Step 5: Put the two Cydia files to your iPhone’s /private/var/root/ directory

Step 6: Click Go , then Send Command:

dpkg --install cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb

Step 7: Then please reboot your iDevice.

Step 8: Navigate to /usr/libexec/cydia/ and overwrite the file with the patched file included in the file that was downloaded in step 3.

Step 9: Please reboot your iDevice again.

Step 10: Open Cydia and do any updates that are available. Although you may be asked to reboot upon installation.

Step 11: To test the system open Cydia and install Activator. This step will install all of the needed Substrate files.

Step 12: Add a Passcode to your iDevice by doing Settings > Passcode

Step 13: Then reboot your iDevice.

If your iDevice rebooted without a reboot loop. Great! You have just installed Cydia and used a Passcode.

For full detail guide please watch the video: