iPhone Porting Number: How to Locate Password and Account Number

iPhone porting number service doesn’t take too long, but a lot depends on both carriers: the one you want to move your phone number from and the other one you wish to switch to. You have guessed what a phone number porting is [this has nothing to do with the ability to move contacts from iPhone to Android]. This process is available to all iPhone users, however, there are some rules you have to follow in order to preserve your old number on a different network.

Firstly, when you choose iPhone porting phone number procedure you must be sure that you have an active account with the old mobile operator of yours. This is the start point on the port and it has to work. Once you port, your old account will be automatically closed by porting. Secondly, do not cancel your old network service until you are sure that porting has successfully completed. In case you cancel it before this, you will lose your old account and old phone number.

iPhone Porting Number for iCloud Unlock Process

If your device is tied to your iCloud account you have to sign out. You should also talk to the operator you want to switch to and preserve your old phone number. Most carriers agree to help you port online or through the phone call. They ask your phone number you wish to port, account number, password / PIN and maybe some other details, such as your billing address and account owner’s name.

It usually takes up to 24 hours to finish iPhone number porting though the procedure is often much faster than this and you are done within less than an hour. While you are porting, get prepared that your phone stops working for about five minutes or so. It will be alive in just a moment and welcome you with a message from your chosen mobile carrier. If the porting isn’t finished after 24 hours, you are highly advised to call the new carrier and ask for help.

How to Find Account Number / Password for iPhone Porting

Thanks to Facebook group called ‘Prepaid Wireless Dealers’ users can enjoy the list of different carriers with the instructions on how to get passwords and numbers for most world’s operators. This is handy and useful.

AT&T iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Number / Password for AT&T U.S.

If you were using AT&T iPhone, you can locate the required information based on the data plan you had.

AT&T Go Phone plan users should call 1-888-898-7685 in the U.S. and ask the carrier to provide the account number and 4-digit PIN [this is your password].

AT&T Postpaid users will find their 12-digit account number on the bill. It is located under the wireless account summary for bundled bills. Please, don’t mix it with your phone number. Your password is either your online password or the 4-digit PIN [for bundled bills users] which you can get by calling to customer service.

AT&T Landline subscribers can find their account number on the bill [the 9-digit number is written down in the top right corner right next to your phone number] and the 4-digit PIN on the bill.

T-Mobile iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Account Number and Password for T-Mobile U.S.

If you are planning to switch from T-Mobile and preserve your phone number, we have an instruction how to locate the information for two plans: Postpaid and Prepaid.

U.S. T-Mobile Postpaid users will find the account number [it has 9 digits] on their bill. Remember to call the customer support to get the PIN as your password.

If you are using Prepaid option, you can add 1 in front of your 10-digit phone number and you will get the 11-digit account number. Your 4-digit PIN is your password. Users who didn’t set up their PIN yet can call 611 from their T-Mobile iPhone device. Refuse to refill when you are asked to do so and select ‘Manage my account’ option. It will let you choose ‘Change my account PIN’ menu to set PIN you’ll use as your password. iPhone T-Mobile U.S. customers who forgot their 4-digit PIN can call the customer support at 1-877-789-3106.

Sprint iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

iPhone Porting Number for iCloud Unlock for Sprint U.S.

If you are planning to port your Sprint phone number to the new iPhone or other gadget you can use your 9-digit number as your account number [find it on your bill] and your password is the ‘call-in passcode’ you are using each time you are calling Sprint customer service.

Verizon iPhone Porting Account Number and Password

Find iPhone Porting Account Number / Password for Verizon U.S.

If you are using Verizon Prepaid plans your 4-digit PIN is your password and account number is your 10-digit phone number.

Users who are Verizon Postpaid customers can find their account number on their bill. This number ends in 00001. Your passcode is the ‘call-in’ password [it is usually the last four digits of your SSN if you haven’t changed it] you use to communicate with customer service.

Since there are a lot of carriers it is not possible to list all of them in our post. We’ll mention the most used ones based on how you can find passwords and account # for them.

iPhone Porting Number Instruction


Use your 4-digit PIN as password for:


Use the last 4 digits of your phone number as your password for:

Airvoice Wireless
Page Plus
Straight Talk
Google Voice
Ultra Mobile

Use the last 4 digits of your SIM card number as your password for:

H20 Wireless
Red Pocket GSMA, GSMT

Use the last 4 digits of your SSN for password for:

Consumer Cellular

No passwords:

SafeLink Wireless

Other passwords:

Cricket [use your AID or Authorization ID as your passcode]
Metro PCS [this is your ‘call-in’ password]

Account #

Your SIM card number [20 digits] is your account number for:

  • Airvoice Wireless
  • H20 Wireless

Your phone number [10 digits] is your account number for:

* Google Voice

* Alltel

* GoSmart

* Page Plus

* PTel

* Red Pocket GSMA, GSMT

* Solavei

Use MEID or IMEI as your account number for:

* SafeLink Wireless

* Straight Talk

* TracFone

Call your carrier to find your account number if you were using:

*Boost Mobile [phone number 1-888-266-7848]

*Consumer Cellular [reach them online or call Consumer Cellular]

*Cricket [call at 1-866-351-7678]

*H20 Wireless [call at 1-800-643-4926 and ask this carrier to release the phone number you wish to port]

*Lycamobile [call at 1-866-277-3221 and ask for your account number / password]

*Metro PCS [call at 1-800-518-7519 and ask for your 9-digit account #]

*Ultra Mobile [call at 1-888-777-0446]

There are many more carriers you can add to this list, so, please, share with us in comments if you know how to get account # and password for carriers in order to port your iPhone phone number with ease.