iTunes 11 Release Is on Its Way [Download Link]

There were rumors last week about November 14th being the iTunes 11 launch date. Well, the Wednesday has come and Apple is silent about the release of its updated program. Actually, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker promised to present its renewed iTunes 11 in October, yet this promise wasn’t kept, and now a lot of iOS and Mac users keep wondering when they can download the app and enjoy its new features.

Right now all the blogs say nothing about the iTunes 11 launch date. But as soon as this update becomes available, we will let you know and you will be able to download iTunes 11 right after its release. Just stay tuned and you won’t miss iTunes 11 download link!

Why in November and When Exactly?

Too many people are waiting for the re-designed and improved iTunes 11. This syncing, management and shopping program has become popular among all PC and Mac users. Surely, the news about the iTunes 11 release date being pushed back by a month or so that was reported by Apple in October disappointed most people.

Even though there information about soon iTunes 11 release hasn’t been confirmed by the Cupertino-based tech “monster,” there are rumors and predictions that we will be able to get the updated software no later then by the end of this week. In case it is not presented today, November 14th, it should appear by November 16th. At least, this is what we hope for.

About iTunes

This software has been around for 11 years. It has had 84 versions launched by Apple that improved and brought new options to this program. They were released on different days of the week, yet Wednesday got the most number of presentations. This is why experts believe the highly-expected iTunes 11 launch date to be November 14th. They speak about 73 percent chance that it could happen during a mid-week.

Since Apple is known for giving its workers a vacation week for Thanksgiving [this year it starts on November 19th], it always tries to present new major products before it. Otherwise, it will simply move the release for later.

Still Apple might like to surprise us. So when do you expect it to release iTunes 11?