iTunes 11 Release Date Delay: How Long Should We Wait?

This Halloween we will not see the new iTunes 11 release even though Apple said it would launch the updated program by the end of October 2012. According to the Cupertino-based tech king, it takes them longer than expected to prepare the new app for launch so customers, iOS and Mac users must prepare for iTunes 11 release delay. you can be sure if it will release you will be able to download iTunes 11 right after launch.

How long should we wait till its launch? We know the answer to our question and you will also find it out if you continue reading this article.

Apple now gives a promise to launch the updated iTunes by the end of November. If you remember last fall, the situation was pretty much the same. At first the company said the launch of iTunes Match would happen on a particular date and later it postponed its promise. Also you will be able to enjoy better iTunes connection and performance.

Why would the well-known corporation say one thing and act differently? Maybe it had to announce iTunes 11 release delay in order to make it nearly perfect since the soon releases of Maps app and Siri were followed by severe critics [a lot of iOS users were frustrated with errors and silly mistakes found in the new Apple Maps program]. Another reason for this postpone can hide in the recent Apple reshuffle, departure of Scott Forstall and John Brouetta.

The iPhone maker takes additional time to get its new iTunes out of the door. We really hope that this program will arrive in the great solid shape since we are forced to wait another month till its presentation. According to Apple’s statements, we will see a simpler version of iTunes with “cleaner interface” and faultless “integration with iCloud”  and better performance in iCloud automatic downloads by the end of November 2012 [this promise was made by spokesman Tom Neumayr].

The updated iTunes will automatically add customers’ purchases made on different iOS devices into one local library. There will be a lot of other positive changes as well but we will talk about them once the program is finally released. Right now you can learn more about it on Apple’s site which says nothing about iTunes 11 release delay as it only has changed the phrase “Coming in October” to “Coming in November.”