Fix iOS App Store Problem: Can't Connect To iTunes Store

Today there was a problem when upgrading or downloading apps you can see this error: Can’t connect to iTunes Store and nothing happens. Password is correct, internet connection normal but this iOS App Store problem is still remaining in some countries.

This iTunes store error was noticed yesterday in such countries as US, UK, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Kuwait and others. iOS users couldn’t download apps and perform update.

However it was fixed, the reason why this Apple service had been not working nobody knows (except Apple of course). Also there are messages from users that this iTunes store not working problem is still remaining in some countries. That’s why I decided to write this post and show how to solve Can’t connect to iTunes Store issue.

can't connect to itunes store

How to Fix Can’t Connect To iTunes Store

Many users have reported that there is one method to fix this iOS App Store problem. Just sign out from your iTunes account on iPhone or other iOS gadget and sign in again. Now connect to iTunes store without any problems.

This iOS App Store problem was occurred when the user had been trying to download new apps or update on an iOS gadget. However some apps was available to download via App Store.

Nevertheless, Apple company has been doing the job to eliminate a recent drawback in its in-app purchasing system. It was released a new private APIĀ  to reduce this App Store hack that allowed free transactions.

The company provided a process which is not found in its latest platform for programmers, recommending it’s offering developers entry to elements of the API which they wouldn’t ordinarily have entry to to be able to apply a fix instantly, before iOS 6 release date.

However if you still want to make free in-app purchase you can use this link and install in-app proxy server.

Use comment form below to inform us if you still have the notice Can’t connect to iTunes Store or you have fixed this iOS App Store problem.