Personnel Changes in Apple Promised To Take It To the Next Level

Last night the world learned about Apple reshuffle in the management. Scott Forstall, who was iOS developer, and John Brouetta, who was in charge of retail stores Apple Store, left the company. New employees in the company is not in sight, so most of the responsibilities shared between the top management of Apple.

Johnny Ive partially replaces Fortstall, who in the appendage to industrial design now got the Human Interface. Eddy Cue, who worked on the creation of the iTunes Store and App Store, got Siri and Maps development, Craig Federigo is now responsible for OS X and iOS developing. Bob Mansfield got the most extensive and demanding group of the Apple technology Рdevelopment of the wireless products and the processors. The head of retail Apple Store is the only vacant seat.

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As to this reshuffle in Apple, it is possible to assume that Tim Cook did not like the development of the company’s products. iOS 6 launch with a small number of changes, slowly Siri developing, defective Apple 3D Maps and strange approach to retail necessitated reshuffle.

Scott Forstall wasn’t configured to make the next revolution in iOS. The seventh version of the mobile operating system by Scott simply become more “wooden and leather” instead of new features in iOS 6. Forstall failures were also maps and Siri. Eddy Cue has a strong history of successful online services such as iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store, so we can expect a significant positive change in the Siri and maps.

Brouetta dismissal is one more correct and timely decision made by Tim Cook. Apple Store not only bring huge profits, but help in the development of Apple user communities. Obviously, current system is working, and no change is needed. But Brouetta had a different opinion on the matter. He wanted to maximize the profit of each Apple Store feature by firing an “extra” personnel change in the schedule of work and focus on the profit of each individual employee.

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The last surprise of yesterday’s reshuffle was the message that Bob Mansfield remains at Apple in a fixed period. As I said, he will get a very broad list of duties and will be working at Apple for at least two years.

We can only guess about the real reason for dismissal and permutations in the Apple. But it turns out that Scott Forstall did not get along with many colleagues, in particular with Ive. Apple chief designer even refused to be in the same room with Scott. The last straw was Forstalla’s¬†overconfidence in itself and in its products. He did not agree that branded Apple 3D Maps failed and even refused to sign a Tim Cook’s letter of apology for the cards.

Tim Cook has chosen a very right time for reshuffle in Apple. New devices and iOS 6 were recently introduced, so Johnny Ive, Eddy Cue, Craig Federigo and Bob Mansfield have a year to make really significant updates of new products.

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