iTunes 11 Update is Ready! Download it Now!

Today will be an official Apple event which is expected to release iPad mini tablet together with updated iMac, Mac mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. But compact tablet and new Macs will not be the only topic of today’s event, there will be presented updated iTunes and you can download iTunes 11 for Windows and Mac. As it became known, today Apple celebrates 12th birthday of the release of iTunes first version.

For the first time the company mentioned iTunes 11 on September 12, when iPhone 5 was presented. Appearance of the program as a whole resembles the musical version of the application for the iPad. After you download new iTunes you will see that it has a tight integration with the iCloud service and thus is more efficient.

Interface of the new iTunes 11 greatly simplified, and the design of the program is described as “light” and “sweet.” Now it will be easier to view the album: when you click on the cover a special section opens with a list of songs, duration and ratings.

Recall now Apple may also introduce a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop with a Retina display. The unit will receive the same slim body as 15-inch sibling and a price tag is gonna be 1699 bucks. 13-inch version will display 2560 x 1600 pixels in comparison with 1280 by 800 for a normal MacBook Pro with the same diagonal.

The next generation of iMac can also be debuting along with the iPad mini and iTunes 11. Unlike laptops, desktop computers reportedly will not receive Retina display. And it is expected that the 21.5-inch iMac will start first, which, according to observers, due to difficulties in production of large screens.

As talking about iTunes update I can tell you that it is another way to improve its functionality. When you download iTunes 11 you won’t see some special changes but you will definitely feel better functional and performance. So use direct links to download updated iTunes version 11.

Note: If you are gonna to use IMEI unlocking service you need to download iTunes 11 for completing unlock process without any issues.