Users Complain iTunes iCloud Music Library Not Working

Some users have issues and report their iTunes iCloud Music Library not working right now. The problems are faced by Apple Music subscribers. This Apple service is still pretty new to many users. The company is improving the system but sometimes issues occur.

This time iCloud Music Library problems don’t let users sync up with iCloud or manage music library. The outage is noticed by many subscribers. Still the Cupertino-based company doesn’t always quickly reflect the changes on its official Apple System Status webpage. Don’t worry if this page assures that everything is ok while you see iCloud Music Library not working on iPhone.

Apple Music Library iCloud Outage Not Working Issues Problem

It looks like the outage is seen on both iOS devices and OS X computers. iTunes users also have this issue. Still the problem is not a widespread as Apple usually reflects the widespread issues on its website.

What errors do people see? Some iPhone and Mac users get the ‘unable to connect’ message when they try to use Music Library on the phone or iTunes. Others get the very same error message while trying to play music tracks. There are also people who cannot access music at all.

Some Apple fans found a way how to fix the problem. If you try to force close the application and reconnect you might solve the issue with Apple Music library. Still this method doesn’t work for all users. Do you have any problems with the service or not?


Users Report iCloud Mail Not Working and Notes Not Syncing

While different Apple sites are not working users also report iCloud outage 2016. The problem seems to occur to less than 1% of iCloud users but it is real and exists for some iPhone and iPad owners. Apple is completely aware of the new issues.

If you notice iCloud Mail not working bug you should know that there are other people out there who have the similar problem. Besides users report iCloud Notes not syncing issue and other Apple bugs and troubles. The company has grew so big that it keeps getting various bugs more often.

iCloud Mail Outage 2016 Notes Not Working Apple

According to Apple, it knows about the new iCloud outage 2016 which has affected different iCloud services including Notes and Mail. How does the problem appear? Some people just cannot sync their Notes while others cannot use Notes at all. Some users are not able to receive mails through Mail and others are unable to send mails. For some people iCloud Mail is not working for both sending and getting messages.

There are many tweets about the problems and they also mention that some users cannot save long emails [learn how to email large files on iPhone for free]. Current Apple cloud servers are not reliable lately. The company is hit by numerous outages and users can’t be happy with such situation.

There are other cloud services you might wish to discover. Apple could also build its own cloud infrastructure in the future to rely on more services and experience less outages.


Apple Could Create iCloud Switch with Chinese Partners

There are rumors about possible Apple iCloud Switch project. The famous ‘fruit’ giant that is working in partnership with different Chinese suppliers for its popular iPhone [including newest iPhone SE model], iPad and Mac devices could team up with another Asian supplier soon and bring iCloud data service in-house.

Some sources believe Apple iCloud data service could be created by Chinese Server supplier. Apple is now using Google and Amazon servers for its data needs however it has plans to expand its own cloud service and work together with Chinese teams to create iCloud Switch sometimes in 2017 or later on.

Apple iCloud Switch

There were other reports back in March that assured the famous iPhone creator was actually moving some iCloud services from Amazon to Google. Now this steps looks like a temporary solution if it’s true that the Cupertino-based giant has plans to present all iCloud services to users in-house. This would be an interesting major project by iOS company that has millions of customers from all over the world.

According to experts, over 1 billion users have iOS gadgets and they are using iCloud Drive, iMessage, iCloud Backup and other Apple services. This is one of the main reason for Apple to work on iCloud Switch as such project could help cut data center costs a bit.

Apple is rumored to partner with Chinese company Inspur that is one of the biggest internet service server companies in China that is also supported by local government. Different companies including Microsoft are working in partnership with this vendor.


New App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store Outage: Apple Services Down

Users who have the iPhone and other ‘fruit’ devices experience Apple services outage this week [learn how to force update your App Store on iPhone]. The news about Apple store or other company’s services not working is not surprising any more. It happens quiet often and the service status page sometimes shows the changes and sometimes assures everything is all right.

The App Store outage in February got many complaints from users who were unable to load the store, including iTunes, and download or update their iOS 9 applications and games. This time the official status page revealed the problems with iTunes Store not working as well as issues with the Mac and iPhone App Stores.

iTunes App Store Mac App Store Outage February 2016

According to iPhone, iPad and Mac owners, they couldn’t buy digital products sold in iTunes and App Store. They couldn’t purchase apps and other things from the Mac App Store. All three services weren’t working properly.

Apple officially confirmed that some of its services were unavailable for some people. It seems that the list of affected services also included Apple TV, iBooks Store, Volume Purchase Program and even iTunes in the Cloud. All these options couldn’t be used by many users from all over the world.

Have you had any issues while trying to buy any iOS or OS X products recently? Apple has fixed the bugs and the outage has to be gone by now. Hopefully, there won’t be too many similar problems in 2016 since there were many outages in 2015. They were mostly related to the official release of Apple products and devices.


Cloud Apple Services Are Down: New App Store Outage

This week wasn’t easy for Apple. Users noticed App Store outage and this problem quickly echoed to other company’s services work. This time a number of services was affected and Apple even reflected these unpleasant changes on its status page that is usually showing that everything is great even when a lot of users complain.

Apple Services Outage Mid November 2015

What caused the latest iTunes Store outage and other problems? Users with iPhone, iPad experienced the bug and Apple TV outage also caused owners of this device to not being able to use Siri because iTunes and App Store both couldn’t be accessed.

Did the new gadget cause this outage? It’s hard to say because Apple presented the bigger tablet model iPad Pro earlier and the 12.9-inch gadget shouldn’t have influenced the work of multiple company’s services. The problem was even with the official online store and a lot of customers couldn’t use iMessage application.

Is there anything you can do when App Store outage takes place as well as other service are not working? You can only sit and wait, share your impressions with your friends, visit the Apple Support forums to make sure a lot of other people are getting the very same issue and wait. Apple is pretty quickly to identify problems and fix them even when the Cupertino-based giant is officially silent. It is still working on the solution to make users happy.


Find My Friends iCloud Addition Released

Fans of Find My Friends service can now use on the iCloud site. It is a curious addition because the Find My Friends is not a web application. Still it is now included into release. The Cupertino-based giant is enhancing its services and the company can boast numerous iCloud-connected services [for example, Maps, iWork and others].

Find My Friends iCloud

The new isn’t shocking, of course. Find My Friends Apple launched is just another way to improve the company’s sites and services. A lot of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can enjoy a lot of new features and options, those who updated to iOS 9 and 9.1 on other earlier iPhone model can get bunch of new emojis and other additions, and now users who visit for different purposes can start using Find My Friends tool.

Previous this was just an application you could download. Now it’s an independent service that is a stock application and you cannot remove it just like you cannot delete other stock apps offered by iOS platform unless you jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 and find Cydia jailbreak tweaks that make it possible to do.

You cannot jailbreak iOS 9.1 since this platform kills the exploits used by hackers. Users who have updated to 9.1 version can now downgrade to 9.0.2 and users who are still running iOS 8 can upgrade directly to 9.0.2 while Apple keeps signing it.

What new options do you enjoy the most on Apple mobile firmware? Are you excited to see Find My Friends among the services offered by the iPhone maker?


Thousands iCloud Passwords Stolen by iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak

There are a lot of dangerous jailbreak apps that haunt your personal details and even steal information about you. One source reports, that over 220,000 iCloud passwords and emails were stolen by faulty tweaks so far. The information comes from China security company called WooYun.

If you get iCloud password stolen issue you might not even know about this until someone accesses your account and gets even more details about you. Apple can only protect [not always] the gadgets that are in the original factory state and weren’t jailbroken. At the same time millions of users enjoy untethering their smartphones and tablets and download numerous iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks to customize their iDevices.

iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks might be useful and could be dangerous. Such applications could contain built-in backdoors through which it is possible to acquire your personal details including email address and passwords. What will hackers do with stolen information?

We have no reports about who stole passwords and how hackers are going to use data they got for thousands of iCloud accounts [learn how to protect iCloud password from being stolen]. The Chinese site doesn’t provide such information and only assures that a lot of users could lose their accounts.

What should you beware in such situation? If you are jailbroken and your information was stolen – hacker could easily read your emails, iMessages, access photographs and other files. You might want to quickly change your password and protect your account just in case. The list of all victims of this hacker attach is currently unknown.

Be attentive when you are downloading a free version of a well-known paid tweak and this could be the dangerous program that is aimed to steal your personal information. You can only download jailbreak apps from the trusted sources. Don’t use Chinese market of apps and if you are jailbroken – just keep an eye on everything you wish to install.


How to Restore Lost Files on iCloud [Guide]

iOS users who wish to restore deleted iCloud files can recover them without any third-party applications [learn more about fake iCloud login prompt on iOS 8]. Apple added a new features to its popular mobile firmware and thanks to it you can easily get your lost and removed Calendars, Contacts and Reminders along with other files from your iCloud account.

How easy is it to restore lost files iCloud? Everything is not complicated and we offer a simple step-by-step guide that can make this happen. You can get the files back if you accidentally or for some other reason deleted them a couple of days back. The process is quick and enjoyable. We are sure that millions of ‘fruit’ platform fans will find it very useful.

How to Restore iCloud Files [Instruction]

Step 1. You should use your iCloud account. Login on site using the Apple ID / password you have. It is possible to do this from your computer or iPhone, iPad or other ‘fruit’ device.

Step 2. Go to Settings. There will be Advanced menu at the bottom of the webpage.

Recover iCloud Files

Step 3. Find the feature Restore: Files, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders. Choose the type of files you wish to recover.

Restore iCloud Files That Were Deleted

Step 4. You can choose the date or file and click Restore.

Step 5. The procedure should be finished in a couple of minutes.

Restore Lost iCloud Files

Step 6. Keep in mind that when iCloud restores your files it also replaces the same files on all your iOS gadgets. If you choose to recover files you will be able to find them in iCloud Drive and similar applications.

The feature is perfect for getting back the files that were created within the last month. Such an option was impossible some time ago. Users who got rid of their iCloud files and contacts were not able to recover them. Now Apple changed this and added the perfect feature for its fans to enjoy using.


Apple iCloud Voicemail Could Be Based on Siri

Would you like it if iPhone iOS 9 Siri assistant answers your phone calls and transcribes messages? This could be a reality if Apple iCloud Voicemail service launch rumors get confirmed this fall. We all know that the Cupertino-based giant is testing iOS 9 platform and working on the upcoming iPhone 6S Plus / 6S models that should be released sometime in September.


There are rumors about new Apple Voicemail service that will cooperate with current iOS personal assistant and use Siri for message transcription. The ‘fruit’ giant could launch the service that would work similar to current Google voicemail. As reports mention Apple could improve Siri to make it transcribe voicemails and send texts with transcribed messages. This way iPhone users won’t have to listen to their voicemail as everything could be easily read.

As unnamed sources say, Apple is now developing its new Voicemail over iCloud and the company’s employees are testing such service for the last couple of weeks. Developers and public beta testers haven’t noticed such an improvement in iOS 9 firmware.

Rumors also note that those users who are testing this service explained that when it is impossible to take a call via iCloud Voicemail Siri should answer the phone call. In other words this call wouldn’t turn into the standard digital audio recorder [you can also learn how to replace Voicemail with SMS sender right now]. The caller will find out where you are even when you don’t answer the call yourself. Siri should be able to tell this information. Then the personal assistant will pass the call to Apple’s servers, transcribe voicemail into text and send you a text message.

Apple iCloud Voicemail will let all users to get their voicemail without having to listen to the messages. This is something a lot of people would be happy with.


iOS 9 Hidden Apps Include iCloud Drive [How to Access Guide]

Apple has unveiled iOS 9 features to all developers and public testers. Some users who have iOS 9 compatible devices were able to install this firmware version using no-UDID direct download links for iOS 9 beta 1 shared by some people. What are some interesting hidden options you might like to know about right now?

We all know that all new betas can be buggy. This is the main reason why a number of users now wants to downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.3 in order to return to the latest public version launched by the iOS giant. If you haven’t downgraded yet and are still running the first testing version you might be curious to hear about iOS 9 hidden apps you can use.

The Cupertino-based company included iOS 9 iCloud Drive app to its new firmware. This app wasn’t available earlier even though iCloud Drive exists for a lot of third-party applications. This file manager is cloud-focused and helps to work with files and documents from different programs. iOS app is now also present but it is hidden in the system update.

Apple has hidden the tool by default. Here is how to access iCloud Drive on iOS 9 beta:

Step 1. Launch Settings if you are running the first beta of the 2015-fruit-firmware.

Step 2. Go to iCloud menu.

Step 3. Select iCloud Drive option.

Step 4. You should be now able to turn on Show on Home Screen feature.

Access iOS 9 Hidden iCloud Drive App

Step 5. The iCloud Drive application will now appear on your Home screen.

How to Access iOS 9 Hidden iCloud Drive App

Step 6. Don’t expect the program to work because it was hidden for some reasons.

Hackers are already working on iOS 9 jailbreak. This could give users even more interesting features, options and tweaks to use on their iPhone and iPad gadgets to improve everyday experience.