Learn Who Is the Source of Leaked iOS UDIDs

Last week we talked about millions of iOS UDIDs discovered by hackers on a notebook that belonged to an FBI agent. This week we have learned who the source of leaked unique device IDs was and who is to be blamed for this ‘prank.’

As you might remember, hackers from the Anonymous who got several million UDIDs of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users  told everyone that they obtained this list from an FBI notebook. The Bureau commented on the issue telling that it had no evidence about its laptops being hacked. According to Apple, the company hasn’t shared the UDIDs with the FBI.

It is curious as the source f leaked iOS UDIDs is one application publishing company on the App Store. It is called Blue Toad and, according to NBC News, it is associated with the leak.

Reported Stolen

According to Blue Toad, someone stole the unique iOS IDs from its servers a couple of weeks ago. The firm compared the leaked list of identification numbers and said it matched its own list at about 98 percent.

Apple commented on this saying that BlueToad is an application developer so it did have the access to leaked iOS 6 UDIDs just like other developers. But they could get only the IDs, the name and type of the gadget.

iOS developers cannot obtain such information as passwords, credit cards and account information of Apple device owners. Such data can be provided by users only.

Since Blue Toad’s main job is to develop apps for App Store developers, it has decided that iOS developers should contact consumers who are affected by the leaked UDIDs (Blue Toad works with over 6 thousand publishers). At the same time the company said, “We’re pretty apologetic to the people who relied on us to keep this information secure.Blue Toad doesn’t use UDIDs in its programs any longer.

So is everything Anonymous claimed about the FBI true or false? This question remains unanswered. But experts say that the UDIDs release did no practical hard in the past, so the debate about how hazardous such leak can be continues.