Million Dollar Reward for iOS 9 Jailbreak Announced

We don’t know the exact iOS 9 jailbreak release date. Hackers have reported that Apple patched all the known exploits in this firmware update. At the same time some hackers are sure that it is possible to find more holes in the operating system and find a working solution. Thus hacker iH8sn0w already demoed iOS 9 jailbreak on video however he is not planning to make this firmware public.

Still the iOS 9 jailbreak reward announced by Zerodium could make iH8sn0w change his mind. The company is eager to pay million dollar bounty for those who release the new program. The new Apple platform is already consideredthe most secure mobile OS and those who manage to jailbreak it [only untethered jailbreak that is browser-based and exclusive is expected] will be paid 1 million U.S. dollars.

Reward for iOS 9 jailbreak will be given to the group of hackers or individuals who manage to create a program that supports all current iPhones, iPads and iPod touch models that are running iOS 9 firmware.

This is not the easiest thing to do. The million dollars will be paid for browser-based jailbreak tool only. The last such program was developed by Comex back in 2011. All modern programs are not based on browser. Could someone create a tool similar to or not?

It could be possible that hackers find more bugs in iOS 9 and create the jailbreak tools sooner or later however chances to find the browser-based hole are low.

Do you think such reward could stimulate hackers and developers to find the working solution quicker? It’s not clear if the discovered program [if any created by October 31st or until Zerodium is eager to pay] could become public.

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