New Music Apple Service iTunes Streamer is Much Like Pandora

Last month the network actively discussed the topic of the creation by Apple its own music service a.k.a. iTunes Streamer, which would allow stream music from the iCloud without having to download it to your device. This future decision of Apple developers very much resembled the famous service Pandora, which provides its users with a similar possibility of streaming music.

Unfortunately, at the iPhone 5 presentation there was no word about the service, and resource New York Post knows why. Reliable sources report that Apple at the last moment could not agree with Sony / ATV on the provision of music for such a service. Right holder is not satisfied with the terms offered by Apple, so the announcement of iTunes Streamer at the last minute was excluded from the September presentation.

Sony / ATV is the largest music publisher and working with him was a must for Apple company, wanting to compete with Pandora and launch its own iTunes Streamer. Odds are, as usual, comes to money – Sony did not accept the amount of benefits that Apple offered for one song.

The creators of Pandora had an agreement with Sony via two owners association – Ascap and BMI, which now includes the company. However, next year Sony plans to move out of their composition, so Apple decided to negotiate directly with this company about the rights to the song. As we see, the success of these talks failed.

Despite the fact that the agreement signed with Sony failed, experts believe that the iTunes Streamer will be presented by Apple in the near future.

I hope that we will not wait long and soon every iUser can listen to the music not downloading it on his device.

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