Perform iPhone Carrier Check by IMEI Number and Unlock Locked Network

There is a great chance to use iPhone IMEI checking if you don’t know the locked carrier. Nowadays network checker becomes very needed tool because with every new iOS/baseband update starting from 6 it became impossible to unlock iPhone for free. Last time my team wrote about iOS 6.1.3 unlocking and all possible ways and you can check it.

After looking for free iPhone unlock, many realize that there aren’t any software or hardware that can help you if the baseband was updated after upgrading at least to iOS 6.1. So, most owners try to find solution using IMEI unlocking service.

But the most important is to find out the network to which iPhone is locked because the price for unlock depends on the locked carrier. That’s why the best way first to perform carrier check for iPhone and also find out the status of iPhone if it is already unlocked. But where and how to find it?

iPhone IMEI Checking

If you are going to find free IMEI checker for iPhone you will fail. Simply because there are no free network check program, only paid. But what is the cheapest?

How To Perform Carrier Check for iPhone

Well, there is one. You can check IMEI for iPhone less then for 1 bucks! All yo need to do is to get IMEI:

  • Go to Settings – General – About and scroll down till you see IMEI number.
  • Type *#06# and write down 15 digits.
  • Also you can check IMEI looking at Sim tray but I don’t advice this method because you never know if it is a native Sim tray of your iPhone.

After you find it use link below that will redirect you straight to the network check program:

You will receive complete results of locked network or unlocked status of iPhone. Also you will get info about the warranty, contact telefone number (CTN) and activation date. Look at the example:

Firmware Version: 6.1.2
Warranty: Out of Warranty
Warranty Date:
First Activation Date: 10/03/10
Last Activation Date: 09/11/12
Carrier/Next Tether: Slovakia T-Mobile.
SIM LOCK: Locked

After the checker you can use one of the services below to unlock your iPhone.

If results will show that your device is locked to AT&T you are lucky guy because this network is the cheapest to unlock. Just use official AT&T iPhone unlock service and enjoy any Sim card worldwide.

But if you will find out that your device is locked to some other carrier use international IMEI unlocking service and forever forget about it.

There are many other services, but don’t forget that a big part of them are scam. Especially those that offer jailbreak for money. Don’t buy to this. Better read trusted and popular sources like LetsUnlockiPhone that never offer scam and even prevent its readers from scam.

Use comment form below and tell our readers about your experience with iPhone IMEI checking and unlocking.