Why Has Prox13 Confirmed That iDict Not Working

Is iDict not working? Yes. Just a few days ago on GitHub handle Prox13 had released iDict hacking tool. It helped any person using brute force hack iCloud account.

The hacker stated on the tool’s GitHub page that it was 100% working using dictionary to hack iCloud account and bypassed secondary authentication on any user account.

This hacking tool was developed in the way that it used brute force method to repeatedly match the password using words from the dictionary. In cases where the victim has used a weak password the brute force method are usually 100 % successful.

With the aim to prevent the tool from repeatedly guessing the account, Apple company, by temporarily locking the account, should have ideally blocked the brute force attack.

Although Prox13 stated that his tool bypassed all Apple protection methods. Some of Reddit and Twitter users have tested the iDict tool and confirmed that it worked.

After that here are good news, Apple seems to have finally patched the flaw. The hacker has confirmed that Apple company has fixed the exploit, and is locking the account for security reasons to prevent such brute force attacks.

The users with strong password shouldn’t be worried about such attacks. But there were situations that some persons were able to bypass the security measures. It was when the massive nude celebrity photo leak sourced from hacked iCloud accounts.

Apple encourages all its consumers to use strong password for online accounts and enable two-step authentication for services like iCloud to avoid such incidents. The iDict is not working now, but it is not known when the other hacker will develop another tool to hack iCloud accounts.