Set Up Complex Passcode on iPhone 6 and Other iPhones / iPads [Instruction]

Users who have heard about brute force iPhone passcode bypass tools might like to protect their smartphone just in case. Since most such tools are able to figure out your passwords if you are using a simple 4-digit option, you should set up a complex passcode on iPhone 6, 6 Plus or any other smartphone model to not allow any brute force password attack on your device.

Touch ID does protect your iDevice. Still there is a big number of small boxes such as IP box or Black box or similar devices [there is even a software program for Mac that can do the same thing] that use brute force to get full access to your locked iOS smartphone without losing any of your personal information.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to create and set up iPhone complex passcode and protect yourself even more.

How to Set Complex Password on iPhone [Instruction]

Step 1. A strong password will improve the protection of your iDevice from possible intrusions. Go to Settings on your smartphone to begin with.

Step 2. Find the Touch ID & Passcode menu and access it.

Step 3. Users who have earlier created a simple 4-digit password should enter it as they will be asked to do so right now.

Step 4. You should find Simple Passcode option by scrolling down. Disable it. Enter your 4-digit password once again to turn off this feature.

Step 5. Your iDevice will now ask you to create a new passcode. You will see all the special characters, numbers and letters this time. Create a complicated strong password and remember it. It is important to keep your new passcode in mind.

Set Up Strong Password on iPhone

Step 6. Click on Next.

Step 7. You should once again enter your new passcode that is long and complex.

Step 8. Press on Done.

Remember that even a strong passcode might be bypassed, but it is way more difficult for hackers to crack it than a simple four-digit one.