Users Complain iTunes iCloud Music Library Not Working

Some users have issues and report their iTunes iCloud Music Library not working right now. The problems are faced by Apple Music subscribers. This Apple service is still pretty new to many users. The company is improving the system but sometimes issues occur.

This time iCloud Music Library problems don’t let users sync up with iCloud or manage music library. The outage is noticed by many subscribers. Still the Cupertino-based company doesn’t always quickly reflect the changes on its official Apple System Status webpage. Don’t worry if this page assures that everything is ok while you see iCloud Music Library not working on iPhone.

Apple Music Library iCloud Outage Not Working Issues Problem

It looks like the outage is seen on both iOS devices and OS X computers. iTunes users also have this issue. Still the problem is not a widespread as Apple usually reflects the widespread issues on its website.

What errors do people see? Some iPhone and Mac users get the ‘unable to connect’ message when they try to use Music Library on the phone or iTunes. Others get the very same error message while trying to play music tracks. There are also people who cannot access music at all.

Some Apple fans found a way how to fix the problem. If you try to force close the application and reconnect you might solve the issue with Apple Music library. Still this method doesn’t work for all users. Do you have any problems with the service or not?