You Can Be the First Developer to Test iOS 7 Using Framework and API

I believe that different iPhone and iPad users have different wishes for the next iOS 7. How do you imagine this firmware? What would you like iOS 7 API to be? How would you develop iOS 7 framework if you had such a chance? What new applications would you create if you know all the new iOS 7 options and features of this firmware?

By the way, if you are good at iOS developing you might like to apply for a job at Apple. Right now the Cupertino-based company is searching for a new QA Engineer who can test the new features of the next version of Apple mobile operating system.

iOS 7 Date Release

Even though you shouldn’t expect a soon release of the iOS 7 firmware, the Apple job listing posted online gives us a hint that this company is looking for new engineers who will take park in the creation of this OS.

Analysts predict that we might see new iPhone and iPad operating system somewhere in the summer 2013. If you can’t wait for so long, you can try to apply for iOS 7 API and iOS 7 framework testing position and get acquainted with its options and features before it is seeded to other developers or gets the public release.

What Does Job Posting Say?

You can become the first person who will develop new applications that will use iOS 7 framework / API. Or you can simply wait till Apple seeds its firmware to iOS developers and test it then.

I think the first opportunity sounds more delicious. As for the job posting added by Apple, it says that the company is in search for the QA engineer who will be the very first person to create and iPhone/iPad application using the next iOS 7 API and framework. How does this opportunity look to you? Is it appealing to test the next firmware SDK and make sure other developers will find it useful?