Access AT&T iPhone 5 FaceTime without a Shared Data Plan

It has finally happened, and from now on all sixth-generation smartphone users will be able to use AT&T iPhone 5 Face Time over cellular without paying for a shared data plan. The official announcement of shared data plan being dropped was made in the end of this week, so AT&T iOS customers with an iPhone 5 device can now enjoy an awesome weekend dreaming how they will save their money on Internet-connection while accessing FaceTime over cellular 3G and 4G AT&T iPhone.

According to the company’s announcement, all consumers who have an LTE-enabled handset that is running iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 firmware can access AT&T iPhone 5 FaceTime without shared date plans, in other words, on any data plan they are paying for.

FaceTime iPhone 5 Chat

No Luck for Older iPhone Models

Unfortunately for all the users with pre-iPhone 5 models, they cannot use this feature over cellular on every data plan. This option is available to iPhone 5 customers only because this is the only LTE handset released by Apple.

Those with the pre-iPhone 5 gadgets who have upgraded to iOS 6 are allowed to access Face Time over cellular only on one data plan, the shared one. Otherwise they should use Wi-Fi to enjoy this iOS 6 option.

Customers who have legacy unlimited data plans are also unable to get free Apple’s video chat over cellular.

When AT&T iPhone 5 Face Time over Cellular Becomes Available

Owners of the sixth-generation handsets would probably like to know when exactly they can start using FaceTime video chat over cellular. According to AT&T, it hopes to make this option available in the next eight-ten weeks.

If you remember, the mobile carrier promised to offer this feature over cellular only to customers who pay for one of its shared data plans, but this announcement made various public groups to fight against such a rule. Now the company has changed its mind and decided to roll out AT&T iPhone 5 FaceTime without shared date plan. Besides, it plans to introduce new billing plans for data and text-only packages to help consumers with hearing loss afford Apple’s video chat as well.

One day the carrier promises to present its AT&T iPhone 5 Face Time over cellular to everyone, even to iPad mini users, on any tiered data plan. In case it doesn’t keep its promise, the public organizations will pursue legal action against the company.