Add Google Maps to iOS 6 Home Screen | How To

The recently presented Maps program by Apple is no Google Maps. It does look similar, especially its icon and interface, yet iOS 6 users can clearly see the difference between the two applications. How to get Google Maps on iOS 6? This question now bothers many Apple gadget owners who miss having the native program by Google on their handsets which was offered by the Cupertino company since 2007 and till 2012.

get google maps on ios 6

While Apple’s Maps cannot provide you the same experience as Google Maps, it can’t be called “iLost” app. Of course, users who are frustrated by the new looks and errors found in the iOS 6 Maps application share their “amazing impressions” on Tumblr. We don’t know if Apple reacts to the most embarrassing facts found in its new service and improve its Maps in the future. But we know for sure that iDevice users can get Google Maps on iOS 6 as this program is not dead.

Google Maps on iOS 6 Are Not Killed

It was Apple’s decision to remove Google’s application from its iOS 6 firmware. Yes, you cannot find this program on your home screen any longer, but you can still use it even if you update to the 6th version of iOS.

How can you get Google Maps on iOS 6?

Launch your Safari browser and go to Now you will be asked to let your browser and Google Maps use your current location. Say “yes” and click the share button which appears down on your screen. Now press the option that has Google Maps program logo and says “Add to Home Screen.”

Have you restored Maps by Google on your iOS 6? Congratulations to you!

Missing Features

You see that it is pretty easy to get Google maps on iOS 6, however this application miss some features you loved in previous versions of Apple firmware. Street View is one of them. The retro stylish animations are another one. You can still enjoy other options such as transit, 3D and 2D satellite maps, etc. and drop the use of Apple 3D Maps if you don’t like it or experience too many bugs and problems while using it.

Update: Now you can setup Google Maps full screen in iOS 6 and get YouTube app with the icon on your iPhone or iPad display

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