Get YouTube App Icon and Google Maps Full Screen on iOS 6

There is one way to setup Google Maps full screen and get YouTube icon on iOS 6 device including iPhone 5 and I will show you how to do it.

In iOS 6, Apple began using its own Map app on iPhone and iPad, instead of Google Maps, with which the company has worked before. Also you can’t meet YouTube app on your Home screen. Native Maps application got Navigator feature, and allows you to display 3D-views of some cities. But it is not enough for iUsers.

Today you can download YouTube app at the App Store and enjoy it. Also you can add Google Maps to iOS 6 Home screen and use it. But I got something better for you. There is better method and I’ll show you how to setup Google Maps full screen mode and use YouTube app clicking the icon on your home screen.

get YouTube icon and Google maps on iOS 6

Despite the new features and wider coverage than in Google Maps, Apple maps has come under fire. Users indicate low resolution in Maps, and common mistakes, so, many asking the company to return Google Maps app to the latest OS firmware.

The article about Apple Maps horrors and errors on iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 devices you can read too and find out the reason of people’s desire to get bag the old Maps app.

Naturally, Apple did not take such a step, it is not in its rules, so we have to use Internet as way to install Maps application on iOS 6 and iPhone 5 as the web version, running on a full screen and also get YouTube icon on display.

How to Setup Google Maps Full Screen

Step 1: Open the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, click click on this link:

This links were presented by developer Ben Gilds who described the technology works and provided two links to install Google Maps icon with a special profile.

Step 2: Click the Install button and confirm an unsigned profile.

Step 3: Go back to the main screen of your iOS device where you have to wait for the Google Maps icon, which looks exactly like the old Google app in iOS 5.

When you run this application you will see full screen with routes and labels.

How to Get YouTube Icon And Use The App

get youtube icon

This process is the same as previous. All you need is to take you iPhone 5 or other iOS 6 gadgets and click the appropriate (for you device) link:

Then click Install and Confirm.

That’s it. Thanks to Ben every one can enjoy YouTube app with icon on Home screen together with Google Maps icon and full screen mode on iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 gadgets.


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